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What will the globalists do with ALL of the property. Can they live in every house? They want useless eaters to do all the work and pay all the taxes. As for communism I don't know of one instance of it that didn't arise out of a single dictator that publicly embraced communism first and had the military behind them. I can't see that happening in any western nation, the militaries themselves are too independent, and the Industrial complex that ultimately controls them wouldn't stand for it. There are no profits for corporations in communism.

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They want power. When they own all the property, run all the businesses and hand out all the welfare checks they have power over everyone. They can have their child brothels and concubines and anyone who dares even mention it just disappears. They can have private cities run by servants that tend to every whim. They can have things peasants like you could never imagine.

What an absolutely ignorant question to ask.

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Oh, the grand conspiracy, right right, I see now, doo do doo do...

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It's pretty ignorant to call lust for power a conspiracy.

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It's pretty ignorant to predict the future like it's any different from the past and make out it's a big deal. What you describe is Pyongyang, Riyadh, Muhammar Gaddafi's palaces, The whole of Belgium. It's already happening, has been for thousands of years but the mask of democracy was pulled over your eyes making you believe the world was decent and free. The constitution and the bill of rights was given to the little people to make them think they were free, the elites don't need such trifles, they have always been free, free to do whatever their pleasure.

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Well, we are also free to do these things. There are just more steps involved with certain things, unless you are next-level at navigating the social sphere. Still, I agree about some of what you say. The US has always been fucked, it's built off of genocide. I don't know why folks think that is a good foundation for a nation. Genocide and contract law. That is a recipe for disaster, a ticking time bomb. And, as you say, that is happening in many other places too. Yes, because the vast majority (if not all) of the modern nations have been playing the same game for a while.

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If you can't see it then it's working on you.

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Because you can't imagine it is how it will work. 5GW (Fifth Generation Warfare) has the victims assuming their misery is due to natural events and will never know they were deliberately targeted.

The globalists don't care if they burn down much of American culture (largely manufactured via their media). They can get all they need from everywhere else in the world, while exploiting the still rich and desperate America. Cookie-cutter suburbs are just future slums of little value, especially when they don't need that expensive workforce anymore. Most importantly the ruling class would burn down a million homes just to get one more mansion for themselves. They are psychopaths that would deny everyone to get a step ahead.

The opposite of a rising tide lifts all boats, as they buy a few more luxury yachts, the predator class is pushing people into deep water to drown while machine-gunning everyone's boats with holes, demanding gun regulations.

The government / oligarchs in Russia and China could easily argue that there are massive profits for their corporations under communism.

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In the year 2000 (about) the Howard government in Australia colluded with state governments, who control their own territories, to instigate laws severely restricting the ownership of semi-auto weapons over a faked up massacre in Tasmania. Of the 6.5 million semi-autos legally imported to Australia up till that time about half a million were handed in for destruction. "The weak hands" The rest went into ceilings, walls, poly-pipes. Out here in the rural areas where I live big government has very little influence. Sure they control banking and money and whatnot but people generally do what they want if it's expedient.

I saw this in the lockdowns. All shops in town complied, to there own destruction, but many people still carried on as normal, visiting friends and family, going fishing or hunting. The suburbs of the cities, are as you say, the future slums and that is why I moved rural. Back there you are dependent on government for your food and water, you are trapped! Living in remote places, as people have discovered all through history, can isolate you from the most egregious acts of government. I have planned this out for decades, and while nothing is 100% sure, you can mitigate a lot of the future dramas people will face by taking the appropriate steps.

Australia is not like the US at all. We have a two party system but there is no division between the people like you have there. Politics is never discussed except in the bullshit media, I don't know who the members of my family vote for nor even the choices of my closest friends. I myself haven't bothered to vote for 3 decades, it's a fools errand in my opinion. "But We have to vote" some will say "else they will do whatever they want!!" True, someone has to vote, but I don't. Some have to pay all the taxes demanded, but I don't. Some have to comply with all the laws of the land, but if you choose which ones you want to obey and ignore the ones you don't, then you have a natural advantage over all the sheeple, and that is what freedom is all about.

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The government / oligarchs in Russia and China could easily argue that there are massive profits for their corporations under communism.

But who would be stupid enough to argue that today's Russia and China are communist?

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Fair enough. But then you're just proving what many of the socialists have claimed. Authentic uncorrupted communism has never been tried. I would agree with them too. We are not robots, and uncorrupted communism, like anarchism, is an idealist form that can never be attained.

Just as China and Russia are more capitalist than ever, so too, America is more communist than ever. Their mutual goals: globalist totalitarianism.

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But then you're just proving what many of the socialists have claimed. Authentic uncorrupted communism has never been tried.

No, what we've said doesn't prove that at all. I do tend to agree with that much though.

Just as China and Russia are more capitalist than ever, so too, America is more communist than ever.

Communism was a brief period in the histories of those countries. But the claim about america is still more absurd.

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You don't think the US is more communist than ever?

Socialism would actually help many people in the USA. Communism pretends to want to help people but only oppresses them. There have never been more SJWs and BLMs and COVID nonsense. All of that claims to help the little guy meanwhile only the government and corporations are thriving and growing. The end goal is totalitarianism, and all the scamdemic nations of the world are buying in - including the engineered collapse of the USA.

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So, you are saying their plan goes:

  1. Subvert a nations government either through its initial inception (US) or through financial fuckery (everywhere else)

  2. Take the government, which has been built to fail, make it communist.

  3. Laugh as the beast morphs into a faux-democratic corporate totalitarian nightmare.

Am I getting this right?

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I didn't say that but that's a great summary.

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In conversations like this one always had to wonder - what does communism mean to this person?

Communism pretends to want to help people but only oppresses them.

This describes communist governments as they have usually appeared in the world, but for you it might actually be a definition? SJWs take various forms, and I don't see BLM as communist.

Interesting that you seen to be ok with socialism.

Are there nations that you don't consider scamdemic nations? Which ones, and why?

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Socialism, like science, is a process that can be used for good and/or evil.

Communism is extremist idealized variant from socialism that's always corrupted and exploited by the ruling class - just like capitalism.

When is it okay for the government to take from you and give to another? That's all they do. Don't want to pay for wars? Too bad. Don't want to support trans, immigrants or Blacks? Too bad. Are you a minority ginger? Too bad, that kind of minority is not in fashion right now - especially if male.

I have mixed feelings about socialism. I can also appreciate a lot of Marx and still despise what "communism" has become. Worker directed enterprises, aka worker coops, should be promoted more to bring democracy to the workplace. Fuck the ruling class, bosses, management, etc.

Japan hasn't over-reacted to COVID. Neither has Sweden. Belarus. That's just off the top of my head. I know there's more.

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Japan and Sweden have dealt with covid effectively as a people by wearing masks, social distancing etc. And Sweden's leaders have said that their government's approach has turned out to be wrong.

Tax rates were far higher for the wealthy in the past, and the welfare system much more extensive. So I don't at all see how America can be seen as more communist than ever. Although... I guess if I see welfare in the past as helpful to the people I need to call that socialist, not communist?

It's up to us as citizens to keep our governments waiting on our behalf. That includes how our tax dollars are used.

Worker directed enterprises, aka worker coops, should be promoted more to bring democracy to the workplace. Fuck the ruling class, bosses, management, etc.


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In Japan and Sweden people are advised, not forced.

Sweden's leaders are as corrupt as most.

Okay, let's go back to when the rich were taxed the most. FDR dropped the hammer on the wealthy, yet in the post-WWII era what did you have? McCarthyism - a commie witch hunt. The irony is not lost on me that they were more socialistic than ever while demonizing the commies. Furthermore, everyone post-WWII was accustomed to having crew cuts and all looked like cookie cutter duplicates of each other. Certainly there was no shortage of G.I. support programs. But I wouldn't go so far as to call that communism. Back then the USA was the main supplier to the world, the way capitalist-ish China is now.

" It's up to us as citizens to keep our governments waiting on our behalf. That includes how our tax dollars are used. "

I couldn't agree more with that sentiment, yet the reality is that it's always been controlled and they've never actually been "public servants". They only "serve and protect" the ruling class and their interests.

/s/Cooperatives - I keep meaning to post to it, but am too distracted.

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Representative Democracy is incompatible with capitalism, because the bottom three economic quintiles will vote to take wealth from the upper two quintiles. The upper two react by confiscating the government at the highest levels. Government becomes the enemy of the people except those at the top.

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No surprise as it was literally set up by Hoover to be that. His own, personal, homoerotic, besuited army.

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Imagine if the FBI, which persecuted homosexuals for decades, was secretly gay.

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It's not really a secret that Hoover was both gay and trans. He was just a ultra repressed/hypocritical. I mean a hell of a lot of homophobic religious leaders get caught screwing men, it seems to be a thing.

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Like, religiously?

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    They always want more power. Communism is the way to get it. It is effectively dictatorship, but you can't just tell everyone you are going to be a tyrannical dictator and expect it to go over well. So they promise all the riches of the world to all the stupidest people if only they riot and subvert and tear down the current system.

    The great absurdity is that it has been done over and over and still there are people stupid enough to fall for it. All the would be dictators have to say is "this time it will be different".

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    Wanting more power is not unique to communism, capitalism, fascism, Zionism, Wahhabism, globalism, or NeoCons. Regardless of the labels, ideologies, and policies, their ultimate goal is centralized totalitarian authoritarianism.

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    No one said it is. Capitalism is built on protecting everyone's individual rights, including property rights. You can go out on your own and build a business, build a home, patronize anyone you want, and be the master of your own destiny. Communism takes away all those rights and gives them to the dear leader. You are beholden to them for everything. Your destiny is the destiny of the collective. You are a slave.

    Greed and lust for power is not a quality of the system, it is a quality of humans. Some systems aggregate power in fewer hands more than others. Anything that promises you free stuff is enticing you into a system that will enslave you.

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    Nonsense. Capitalism is built on making capital. Everything else is secondary.

    Capitalism and communism are essentially the same, both for totalitarianism, except for their dogmatic claims/excuses and the topmost hierarchy: governments or corporations first. You are a slave in both.

    Independence requires responsibility, self-reliance, and bottom-up communities. Free stuff always has a price to pay.

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    It says it right in the name: capitalism.

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      It's the CCP bot.

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