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Maunder Minimum

The layman's term is Mini Ice Age, but we can use it as a comparative. Also, your numbers are way off.

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No, the layman's term is not "Mini Ice Age", though I'm not surprised at a young earth creationist getting them confused. The Little Ice Age lasted for a few hundred years and began well over 100 years before the onset of the Maunder Minimum.

And no, my numbers are correct. Right-wingers with a poor grasp of science such as yourself have been trying to avoid accepting the reality of AGW for decades now. And now they've latched onto this new Grand Solar Minimum as if it's actually going to take us into another cold period, but the reality is that even if the drop in irradiance is as severe as it was during the Maunder Minimum (0.1% at the high end), that's only going to decrease global temperatures by a few tenths of a degree at the most. Likely, the actual change in temperature would be closer to 0.1-0.2 degrees.

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I'll listen to the climatologists, and not you. They concur with my theory.