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Ahhh yes, the people who are so sure of their superiority over others that they justify imposing their views on others with the threat of violence

yeah, that's it! Like what all the European peoples and their offspring did to the native americans and the mexicans who didn't like the way they wanted to do things. Or the current stock, who occupy bases in a hundred countries, ready to deliver the death blow to any government of group that dares to contradict their view on how the planet should be run. That's how the world works, Elected people telling everyone else how to live their lives. There is another system, called the darkage anarchy system where people can do whatever they like, no rules! Of course that means a group of bandits can come upon you in the middle of the night and rape your women and take all you have. But that's ok, that's the system. No rules.

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So far you haven't made a good argument for forcing people to add solar panels to homes, nor for such things in general.

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I don't need to make an argument, I know from experience. I have 10kva on my roof, the system is half paid off in just 2 years with the money the power company pays me and I pay nothing for my consumption. It's 32-C outside at the moment and 22-C inside, a bit chilly actually, but WTF, it's free electricity! I would have though that in a country like the US, where shit loads of people can't even afford to have the power on now, that it would be a no-brainer? Like have a flushing toilet or water connected or a garbage collection service. At least in the years ahead people will be able to have lights and run their fridges.

I know you yanks are screwed 5 ways over but don't bite off your nose to spite your face. Home solar is a good idea and making it mandatory on new homes is too. But if you have an issue, then buy an old home as there are plenty of them around. As far as things go, having solar mandatory is nothing compared with the shitty materials most homes are made of now, that's lack of regulation where needed if ever I saw it. I wouldn't touch a new build, I upgraded to a 1970's brick with hardwood floors, steel I-beams downstairs to support it, Thick concrete slab that won't crack. In other words Intuit I'm not just prattling opinions out my arse, I can speak from experience, on homes, solar, motorcycles, many subjects. You on the other hand offer nothing but knee-jerk rejection based on your opinion, no doubt, that nothing government does can be trusted. Get a bit of experience under your belt and then come back and talk.

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"I'm forcing you to do this because I know it's a good idea" falls flat many people. That's why you need to make an argument. Even then if you argue that it's just cost-effective, then you then have to explain why you feel the need to force people.