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The good is a social one, less oil imported, less pollution produced. The cost is a private one. A person might not make his contribution but enjoy the benefit.

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Sounds like a hypothetical good and huge profits for those invested in solar. It is well known in non sheep circles that the environmental costs of manufacturing solar systems far outpace other forms of power generation.

Nuclear would be far more economically friendly.

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I have noticed a lot of shilling for nuclear in the opinion pages. I see Ohio just passed a huge subsidy for their failing nuclear industry.

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Gee I wonder why people support the greatest invention in human history. Unlike solar that has been on government aid since inception, and can't survive without it.

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Best of luck to you!

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Should "socially good" behavior be required? One could argue that giving money to the neighborhood church/mosque/temple is a social good. Shouldn't that be a lawful mandate, then? Mandatory work at your local hospital or nursing home? A limit on how many children you can have?

I'm not saying that in a perfect world everyone would make good decisions and the outcomes of everyone's actions would lead to beneficial outcomes, but at what point do you take responsibility for your own actions and allow other individuals to take responsibility for theirs?

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Buy the panels for me and give me a portion of the supposed benefits. If there really are large benefits, you should profit.