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The CDC is full of shit. Back when someone first decided to look at the total amount of deaths in 2018 vs 2020 the CDCs own numbers showed that there was almost no increase. When that story got enough traction the MSM and the CDC started a propaganda campaign against it. They claimed that they just weren't done counting the 2020 numbers despite having published them, and added an additional 50k.

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This. For the longest time, even with the bogus statistics of listing anyone with covid as a covid death, the numbers were the same as the flu.

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    You sound very, very concerned.

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    fuck off. this is nothing like voat. why don't you just go somewhere where you feel at home?

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    Lol voat, they are basically soap opera people, same with bitchute. Watching some weakling a robe talk about how government is saving us. HAHHAHAH. Talk about clown world.

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    You had 9 monhts to quit smoking and do some walks, but you sat in your computer room and smoked cigs without even cracking a window. You watch fox news everyday allday,. and your main food is donuts and sugar. My parents make fun of me when I have a hobby, telling me it's a waste of time, has no real worth. The only worth to them is what now? what is worthy? Just being rich from their parents is what is successful. That's how brainwashed they are. If only they where rich, I'd be successful.

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    Corrupt Dog Crap = C.D.C. Next they will grow a virus on a dog turd & tell you to inject it into yourself. Oh wait, they already are doing that.

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    I inject myself with 3rd world kerosine made drugs so yea I guess I would. Some pre columbian stuff, made from poor people mxing up some gasoline. lmao. Wash your hands dude, and make sure to buy from amazon.

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    Frankly the whole COVID national crisis amounts to opportunistic exploitation of a virus that, if left alone to run its course would likely register as nothing more than something along the lines of a strain of flu- albeit a particularly virulent one.

    Mask-wearing is being pushed as the singular most effective means of slowing spread of this super-super virulent disease where in order to meet the standard that triggers contact tracing in order to identify potential new cases, one will have needed to be in close contact with a laboratory-confirmed case for at least 15 minutes- either continuous or accumulated over a 24-hour period.

    Many of the same fuck-heads pushing restrictions on the healthy population were the same ones mandating that nursing homes accept active cases early on- when initial roll-outs of closures reflected how easily transmissible the virus supposedly is... but apparently there needed to be a bloated body count. How better a way to achieve that than to seed the spread to the most vulnerable population?

    Depraved indifference is a nice way of putting it. Frankly those spearheading these choreographed "unprecedented; uncertain times" are committing acts on par with what got Nazis executed in the 40's Nuremburg trials after their WWII atrocities were uncovered.

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    if left alone to run its course would likely register as nothing more than something along the lines of a strain of flu- albeit a particularly virulent one.

    Well that's the point, isn't it? It's like the flu, but if left uncontrolled, would spread to far more people than flu does, making it far more damaging than the flu is.

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    Except the death rate is only a tiny fraction of the flu's. And that is using the same extremely exaggerated numbers the cdc is using to scare the hell out of everyone. They are using people's complete ignorance of statistics and inclination towards fear to control us all.

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    COVID-19 doesn't simply kill; it also causes massive amounts of long term systemic damage due to its effects on various organs in the body. Even if it doesn't kill you it can badly fuck you up, and the people claiming that "it's like the flu" like yourself are incredibly ill informed and are spreading dangerous misinformation. You are not a healthcare worker; you don't have to deal with the sick and dying on a deadly basis. Stop it.

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    Nobody died of a fake virus that doesn't exist. Anyone that says the virus exists a fuckin shill liar and the virus doesn't exist and is fake. No virus exists, nothing is different from every year. So you got the flu or food poisoning from some canned food? Maybe you breathed in enough aluminum Nano particles? No virus exists, NO VIRUS. The virus does not exist BUT, other toxins do. Check yo water supply.

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      Don't constantly insult the users of saidit with ad hominems in every comment please, last warning

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        Literally 1/3 of his posts consist of nothing but an ad hominem. Literally no other content but that. That's very obviously against site rules. I enforce the rules. It's not hard to not insult others in every single post...

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        Please ban them

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        Just did, he didn't listen to the warnings and kept constantly insulting everyone around him (big surprise)

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        how so?

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          don't watch youtube videos. try again

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          Although I don't disagree we're making an awfully big deal about something nearly everyone survives, this just isn't the proof you think it is. Cause of death can be kinda complicated.

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          I agree, the statement was that 6% of covid deaths were covid-only with no other conditions present. That doesn't mean the other 94% had nothing to do with covid.

          Although it does show how important a preexisting condition is to cause death over covid. Which is similar to the flu, just with worse numbers.

          The real tell is the number of total deaths per year, imo. There is an excess compared to other years, but it's like a 5-10% excess, not a 2x or 10x excess like some people are acting like it is. I think we should basically treat it as a very bad flu year. Not as the plague, that's too much of an overreaction.

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          This the advse I go by, Might get some shmutz on my mask by touching it.

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          Actual source?