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I hate to bring this up, but has anybody out there in television land actually known some cinnamon toast poor fk that actually died from covid?

all that i have seen is movie stars on the idiot box that say that they have covid, but they somehow got thru it and only had the sniffles..

example, when covid scam first started tom hanks was on the tele talking about how he tested positive but he looked just fine.. and recently mr trump had the covid apparently, but he also looked fine..

but i remember having the common flu a few decades ago, and omg that was a motherfucker, i was projectile vomiting and projectile diarheas shits in my pants and couldnt eat for a week, etc, etc..


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when this started in march, a guy I know died of it, he was 66 and had had cancer earlier in his life. Still sucks for his wife who is devestated. He possibly would have died from something else soon anyway. Your point is like how we don't usually think about herpes much and have unsafe sex but like 80% of people have that so it is actually likely you catch it unless you don't have sex with anyone. But this is brearthing air so more contagious. Herpes causes cancers and alsheimers so lessens quality of life even if it doesn't kill you right away.

Also I know a little about viruses and diseases and other things like stds or lyme disease that doesn't kill you but it still sucks to catch, worsens quality of life for the rest of your life. Like I said I don't think this causes all of humanity to go extinct but I think it can negatively effect humanity in that way. But I also think . . . and this is the scary thing . . . there is absolutely nothing anyone can do about it. I don't want to catch this. I only have one life, I'm 34, hope to live to be like 90. I don't think there's an after life or anything like that. I want to live as long as possible, with as high a quality of life as possible. What can I do to make that likely, socially distance myself from others is about it.

That sucks, we need social interaction to be healthy as well. So I have a choice, catch covid and possibly have the lifelong long haller syndrome, or just stay away from people like a hermit and get the health problems associated with that, mental health issues, ulcers from stress etc.

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It seems that whenever i question this "covid scam", i get this omg heavy duty logic logic that explains to me in twenty different ways why the covid is legit and for real.

btw, your 66 year old friend most likely died from natural causes and NOT from covid. he was 66, for gods sakes..

there are too many reports coming from too many different sources that tell me that this covid is about politics and nothing else.

listening to that piece of shit fauci makes me want to fkng puke, he is so full of shit.

I am doctor, everything will be just fine.

just take your hydroxychloroquine and get some rest.

TRUMP 2020

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I think on some level dems want to make a big deal about covid to hurt the economy, to hurt Trump. If it's all a hoax tho, I don't get why Trump is going along with it, why he just pretended to have it and why he doesn't point out it's fake. I don't think your denials help anything. He was 66 for gods sakes? That shouldn't bee seen as super old and expendable. It'd be best if all old people like that not just die en masse, that would be a loss of a lot of wisdom and experience quick. Younger people have lower IQs due to less experience, this is why they mostly vote dem. I could see dems taking over big majorities if we just let all old folks die off. Florida for one would surely turn blue then. So even if all you care about is repubs winning elections, you shouldn't just say 66 for gods sakes.

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66 in in fact quite old, many many many people die way before they get to 66 years old... very very few live past 66.

all of this blue and red bullshit should really come to an immediate stop and we should all work together..

covid is being used as a tool to divide nations..

covid is political bullshit.

why is trump going along with this? my guess is that medical issues are not one of his strong points, i seem to remember him asking if we could just inject bleach to get rid of covid?

well, i am in no way a medical professional and even i know that injecting bleach is no cure for any thing.

trump is clueless about medical issues, he seriously needs a competent team of advisors.

on a side note, a couple of things that mr trump should do is that he should be selective about which reporters get to be in his audience, the ones that like to argue would never get invited back again. he is not required to answer to any fkhead from any stupid newspaper or television station. mr trump is the president.

fk covid.

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feel like 66 ain't that old

my grandpa who died at 91 was running races in his 70s

trump for a while I thought he WASN'T going along with this but then he started wearing a mask and holdiong his rallies socially distanced outside and even said he has covid recently. Was caught on tape telling Woodward that it is a big deal and he only downplayed it so people wouldn't panic. Maybe we should panic? That's why I want to talk about what is the worst case scenario. No vaccine makes me think it's panic worthy.

I agree on reporters trump allows but I think he sometimes enjoys arguing with them. What good is power if you don't get to use it and lord over people. I enjoy Trump doing that actually. Imagine if Obama had real arguments with rw reporters, it would actually make him look good if he wasn't afraid to take questions from them and answered their questions, instead that was tightly controlled with Obama, he rarely did press conferences and it was all scripted when he did. Pelosi took tough questions from Wolf Blitzer yesterday, she seemed flustered, probably didn't expect it. Not sure why Wolf grew balls, probably a one time thing. Might be that Wall st, who owns him, does want stimulus to improve the economy so it told him to get on Pelosi's case about it. Oh well besides the reason I just think it would be great if politicians arguing with reporters was commonplace.

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66 in in fact quite old, many many many people die way before they get to 66 years old... very very few live past 66.

A majority of people live beyond 66.

It’d be difficult to arrive at a life expectancy figure of 78 if a majority were dying before 66. To balance that you’d need a minority of Methuselahs, and the average life expectancy at 60 drops below 20. Even assuming a simple majority of 11 out of 20, with those 11 dying at 65, the remaining 9 will need to average 94 at death to make this work and that’s a rare age.

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You don't believe in an afterlife, and you want to live to be like 90.

Well, good news, there is an afterlife (most of us will forget it due to our mental states) and you'll probably live to be over 60, which, guess what brother, for thousands of years "living a full life" meant living to about 60.

If you make it to sixty, you should feel as though you've lived a full life. You won't get the chance to do everything that's here. You simply won't. Tacking on an extra thirty years is a fine goal to have, but it's not required to live a full, long life. It sucks for your friend's wife, but if she's totally downtrodden and heartbroken because her husbands life-force moved on, then she's also got some maturing to do. People die, we must accept this.

You are scared of something so minimal, and you have personal views which don't reflect Objective Reality. These are the things you should focus on figuring out. They are discernable if you put forth an effort. Your life will be enriched by truth once you start to live more naturally-minded, rather than focused on fear and such.

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If you make it to sixty, you should feel as though you've lived a full life

What are you, in your 20s? It's easy to say when you're young. Wait till you're 40 and looking at only living another 20 years, you'll sing a different tune.

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I know people who know people who have supposedly died from covid. I don't actually know anybody who's gotten it, but I know that these people who do get it are the type of people who should not get sick at all. They are always people in the worst of shape.

With that said, I have a strong gut feeling that most of cases have been wrongly attributed to covid, and since they are misdiagnosed, they get mistreated which just makes the whole thing worse.

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has anybody out there in television land actually known some cinnamon toast poor fk that actually died from covid

Ask me in a week or two, my ex-BIL is on a ventilator right now bc of covid.

We never were close so I don't need any sympathies. My cat is dying, that you can feel bad for

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i never see pictures or videos of these poor folks that are dying of covid.. just words... i see tom hanks on the television saying that he has the sniffles and he is recovered from covid in two days, same thing from mr trump.

i do not believe this covid scam, it is puro bullshit.

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So... you want a pic of him dying? I'll see what I can do.

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i just find it interesting that i dont see not one single video of anyone that is actually DYING and SUFFERING and SUFFOCATING because they are dying from this scam virus.

i did see how the media made a circus out of the fact that mr trump tested positive for the scam virus, but then he camps out at a hospital for a couple of days and i didnt even see him sneeze when he did live press releases from that hospital.

fk fk fk scam virus.

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The worst outcome is total enslavement of the human species.

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not to be too edgy but we were already wage slaves, I guess now it's even worse if they make us wear masks and don't even let us numb our sorrows and try to get laid at the bars. How long will that last, forever? My MSM sources I found say 2 years.

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We've already seen the worst case as far as the virus. The majority of vulnerable died quickly. We won't see those same numbers of deaths again. But every year more people will get old or sick so there will be small numbers of deaths ongoing, probably forever. Much like seasonal flu but far smaller numbers than that.

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More pedos will invade the country knowing it needs more cheap 3rd world workers

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that was happening without covid and one good thing is it has slowed down immigration. Need to halt it permanently of course.