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Get it now, it will be sold out in a week or two.

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I got lots of D to give, hmu ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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So I’ll see you in /s/gendercritical, 4:15 am, behind the dumpster?

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This made me laugh. The sun is sold out everybody.

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Also hydrochloroquin works extremely well too doc and you forgot sunlight. Sunlight works better if you get it directly on your anus. You know where your anus is, don't you doc? (Good God, I hate that little dwarf.)

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Shhhhh!! we’re supposed to forget that they ever mentioned that to us or that the treatment even exists and is largely successful and results are backed by international research.

How dare you?

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I'm just a Swedish schoolgirl with Asperger's who works for the Rothschilds. I don't know what a gif is but climate change is causing all hell to break loose in the Western US. I don't know what you mean ;-)

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Normally, I would forgive you 🧖🏼‍♂️, the real you, but 👁 I 👁 know your apology is insincere ☠️ because the ⚜️ Rothschild ⚜️ family doesn’t have autism spectrum disorder 🧩 in its bloodline 🩸 or 🌀 circle 🌀(we do not 🙅🏼 mingle with anyone outside of blood 🩸, lest of all a Neanderthal 🧟‍♂️). I think you have the ⚜️ 🎎 true Rothschild dynasty 🎎 ⚜️ confused with one of their lower-on-the-pyramid 🧿 employees 🙇🏻‍♂️(a sub family/member 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦, really, what you “humans” 🧟‍♂️ would refer to as regular family members 👩‍❤️‍👨 such as aunts, uncles or cousins, just with tainted 🧪 blood🩸); we don’t even know nor care what you “humans” 🧟‍♂️ are doing currently, we don’t pay attention 👁 to anything outside of our blood 🩸 and it’s 🕋 divine 🕋 evolution 🧬. “Humans” 🧟‍♂️ have been forgotten ☠️. Why do that when you have people 🙇🏻‍♂️ you can pay 🦷 to manage the crops 👥 for you 👣 who you know you can trust 🩸, were brought up with the ⚜️ 🕋 truth 🕋 ⚜️, as were you, and are of blood 🩸, yes their’s is tainted 🧪, but still more than 50% pure 🧬compared to the ⚜️🧬purest lineage🧬⚜️?


Your breed is such a disgusting virus 🦠, each strain equally 🤘🏻 disgusting 🤘🏻.

You’d 👁 know this if you ⚜️ were ⚜️ or in the 🌀 circle 🌀 of a ⚜️ Rothschild ⚜️ genetically 🧬; second cousins it is, on 🌚 rare occasions 🌝 first can be appropriate. That’s the first thing ⚜️ 🕋 they 🕋 ⚜️ teach 🗝 us during puberty 🔥. We don’t 🌫 nut 🌫 into 🌬 (and therefore do not 🙅🏼 associate with) anything or anyone 🌬 that isn’t one of our own 🩸 - most certainly not a Swedish 🇨🇭 schoolgirl with ASD. It’s been like that for ⚜️ 🧬 generations 🧬 ⚜️, thus those we employ are also of blood 🩸. And you are not 🦠.

Be careful with your 🎭 “humor” 🎭. You may just encounter 👁 and insult a true, ⚜️ 🕋 divine blooded 🕋 ⚜️ one without realizing it. That would be a 🪐 mistake 🪐.



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😮 Your bloodline goes back to ancient Egyptian priests and you, along with the family you speak of, live mostly in southwest France or Switzerland now, thus the Fleur-de-lis. Are you also of the Merovingian lineage? Your use of the Hijr al-Aswad (Black Stone) symbol seems to indicate Islam but I expect your lineage goes back far before Mohammed. Are the leaders of Islam of the same blood? The couple depicted in your message are of the same bloodline yet on the opposite side of the world. The divine blood in their veins is still undiluted. I admit these ancient truths but take a knee for no man, woman or other creature even those of the blood. I and others like me have our own destiny to fulfill. Greetings.

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Sweetie, I'd love if you'd bake me some cookies. I'll even give you an encouraging slap on the rump and tell ya "good girl."

Now go get my fucking cookies.

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All right, but don't spank me so hard like last time daddy. You made me wet my panties and feel all funny.

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This was awful humor displayed out of the both of you

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You're not going to spank me are you? On reddit if we said that, we'd be downvoted to hell but on saidit it's just a joke. Do you watch MSM? Do you like Greta? Do you think the fires in Cali are caused by Climate Change? I strongly disagree.

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Throw your hate down, and oppose him ;)

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I am opposing him as hard as I can. What would you have me do?

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Nothing man, just don't hate. It doesn't do anything for anybody

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I respectfully disagree although I see your point. Hate the sin and not the sinner, a God man of some religion once told me after we had met at a bus stop and had a chat. But I believe that hatred can be used positively in some cases as long as you do not allow your hatred to harm yourself. These are individuals I am speaking of, not races or other groups.

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I see what you mean, hate the sin, not the sinner. However, I have hated sins all my life up until recently. It does nothing but make you interact with the sinner in negative ways. You say it can be used positively, and I agree, but only in the short-term. You can hate something and tear it down, freeing those inside from the thing you hated. Your hate for the thing itself would eventually work its way into other areas of your life, areas which may include people, which may include parts of your true being that you are unaware of. In the long-term, hating anything always turns out to damage you. Its like sloth, or greed. Give it room to plant a seed, and soon you will have a bountiful harvest. It has to be dealt with and reconciled into something that is inherently life-affirming.

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I will take that into account but we are at a tipping point for humanity right now and I will take my chances. I do not want to be a Human 2.0 and worry for all of us. This is it. We destroy these monsters now or humans live in slavery. The only problem, for me, is how can I affect the present situation?

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I support what you are saying, but hate will not help. It's one thing to oppose evil with force and action, it's another thing to waste energy and mental space hating something. It's fine to detest it, but that's not hate.

Action will be needed from us all if we want change, but it must come from a place of love and understanding or else we will simply create another corruptible system. We must do something new, which would be to throw our hate down and challenge others to do the same. For some people, not hating means not fighting. For others, it means fighting in the defence of good. Hate simply redirects your intent and will elsewhere, away from the goal you actually want to reach.

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Were you referring to the Neil Young song? Throw your Hatred Down ?

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Partly, but not really. Mostly I was referring to Return of the Jedi when Luke beats down Vader and confronts the Emperor. Instead of doing what Mace and seemingly you might do, he throws his hatred down and becomes a jedi.

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Oh, I see. I do believe your idea is generally valid in most cases but this is a special case of the human race possibly being enslaved so I think hatred is justified. Fraudci stands to make billions on the vaccine that will produce Human 2.0 and I am extremely prejudiced against him and his crew. One of the chemicals in the vax is named Luciferase and that should be a hint for us all.

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It's justified, yes. That does not make it right. I don't mean to talk down on you, especially because you are aware of enough of the problem to know that challenging them with force is the answer. I agree that they must be slain, but hatred will lead to unjust slayings, mutilations, torture, all sorts of morally repugnant things. It's better to slay them with an even hand, devoid of hate. I don't think this has ever happened before in human history, and I know that if it were, a new system would have a solid chance at growing and taking root. If we end this regime of evil with more evil, we do nothing but continue the cycle. The regime must be stopped, and I won't turn away people with vengeance in their eyes. As you say, it is justified.

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Fauci is an enemy of the people.

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And will get what he deserves I hope.

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No way he will get what he deserves.

To Democrats, he is a supreme figure to be worshipped. He brought absolute and utter control of the masses and he made the people want to be saved by their savior.

Trump was excommunicated From the world of the old school democrats, he believes in the racism of planned parenthood but doesn't believe in Marxist control. Fauci and birx play him, they feed his ego. They chain the people for the politicians, but they whisper in his ear about how many lives he is saving. It's the reason Trump spouts their talking points, and the train that Trump attacks conservative governors such as Kemp who tells the people they should be free.

And the people, they put the chains on themselves.. Very few actually resist. They are a people desiring a ruler, someone to help them fully divest themselves from the shackles of freedom that pain them so.

No i fear he will not get anything close to what he deserves because he brought what so many have longed for.

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Trump and Biden and Fauci and all those establishment FUCKS are all on the same team. They are reading out of the same fucking playbook, and the sooner everyone realizes this the better.

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I do not follow you so well. Fauci is popular with Americans?? It is late here and I've had a long day. Tomorrow I will read this again. Thanks for responding.

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Thinks, we knew already in February

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Or you could just eat properly and get some sunshine.

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I was at the Pharmacy picking up my prescribed medications and several have been out of stock for a long time due to people taking them for Covid and supply chain issues and recalls. Some of these I need to survive. I have a genetic thing where I can't metabolize vitamin D and need to be on 50000 IU or my test results read 0. This has been out of stock since April so I've been buying OTC, which is much lower dose meaning I have to take a lot of pills each day and buy several bottles which could have gone to other people who actually need that dose. Yesterday while picking up meds I saw a woman putting every single bottle of vitamin D into a cart to buy while the man with her loudly argued with the pharmacy tech about getting more stock for him to buy. This is more vitamin D than two people should take in their lifetimes and I guarantee they were going to sell it at a markup. I hate this. I've seen this with Lupus patients unable to get hydroxychloroquine, and now I'm worried about being unable to get Metformin since a study said it might help with some symptoms of Covid.

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I'm low vitamin D too and just got prescribed 50,000 IU, now that I was told to take once a week. Will this really run out, I have a bunch in there so it should last several weeks.

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It depends on your location and pharmacy. The good news is it builds up in your system over a period of time so if you stop taking it you can go a while before your levels are low again. I am a little worried about people thinking more is better and overdosing on it though. It's not like vitamin C and folic acid where you pee out the excess. It can cause problems.

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I know this problem. I drove to Czech Republic to get these for my gf.

Why is there always so much panic buying in sheeple when MSM tells another story often enough ?

I really don't get it. Same goes with toilet paper and noodles. I couldn't have imagined that noodles would run out in every fkn supermarket and mall in my region.

Thankfully i had at least enough toilet paper stashed before this so called crisis began.

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Supplements take weeks/months to start working, even then they don't work well.

Go outside in the sun for a bit, work/exercise, you'll get the vitamin D you need.

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But, but, but people who stay inside all day everyday to avoid the virus are good and literally saving lives. It's all those evil, selfish people on the beach who are bad.

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I know you're being cheeky but I seriously did wonder why they targetted beach-goers as UV rays destroy any virii in seconds, salt-water also destroys virus cell walls.

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To be fair in the UK the government was completely cool with people going to the beach. It was the media and the busy bodies who went crazy about it. Zero spikes after any of these outcries.

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I should probably read the article first but, DUH....

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Common sense.

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fuck fauci he's another dumb ass liar