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Truer truth was never discovered.

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Not true. Haiti was the first nation to make slavery illegal.

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Haiti didn't set sail into the oceans and stop the slaving trade by boarding vessels on the high seas. Britain? Did.

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No. Haiti was populated by almost ENTIRELY slaves. They were the dregs the slavers couldn't sell, unloaded before returning to Africa for new "inventory".

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Hey /u/peety, what's your ethnicity? I'm going to post a thread detailing all the things people of your ethnicity did throughout history.

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white people basically built the civilized world so I am sure he will be devastated.

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You need to read a history book.

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If we're going by the good things an ethnic group have done... u know there's a ton of good stuff jews have done, right?

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Like providing free travel of blacks to America?

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Like porn?

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Who is considered to be pretty much the smartest person? So much so that we use his name as a euphemism for being a genius... Einstein. Then there's this little fact: Nobel Prizes have been awarded to over 900 individuals, of whom at least 20% were Jews although the Jewish population comprises less than 0.2% of the world's population. I don't know why you have this misplaced pride and feeling of superiority over jews when there's endless evidence that jews are quite a bit smarter than white people, most jew haters don't even bother trying to deny that part.

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You guys do not like when people peek behind the curtain do you.

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It's ok i get you. I would also be pretty jealous of jews if i wasn't jewish myself.

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Oh wow, you're Jewish?

I would have never guessed!

Reality has an anti-semitic bias.

I'm jealous they're actually allowed to have an ethnostate, be incredibly ethnocentric, and always get away with it.

I'm also jealous that they can make the entire world believe their hilarious hoax.

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Yeah you’re right I am pretty jealous of Jews, I need to come up with a final solution on how to get over my jealousy.

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What's unforgivable is how they use this superior intelligence to harm the rest of humanity. That's the real problem people have with them.

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How do i respond to a baseless allegation? Have you considered that maybe it only feels that way to you because you're paranoid?

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What do you mean, a baseless allegation? It's not baseless at all. There's plenty of base for it. Here's Madeline Albright falsely claiming Saddam had WMD and calling for invasion in 1998.

Here she is on 60 Minutes, saying that 500,000 dead children were a price that was worth it. Coldly saying yes to the death of half a million children. She's Jewish. I enjoy these moments when their masks start falling off. People who get in these positions of power don't have empathy towards humanity. Read the article on 'What "Psychopath" Means' in scientificamerican com and you'll see who these people are.

Lesley Stahl on U.S. sanctions against Iraq: "We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?"

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright: "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price--we think the price is worth it."

-- "60 Minutes" (5/12/96)

She's ethnically Jewish. This is but one of many, many examples.

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So that's how it's done? Just make a list of some bad white individuals and i can claim the whole ethnic group is bad? Cool.

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It helps a lot when the reason you are known in the first place is because of your jewish connections. Even Obama got nobel prize and he pardoned jonathan pollard

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If he is white that is literally the state curriculum. Everyone is indoctrinated with racism against whites. There is literally nothing bad that can be pinned on white people that is not taught in schools. Learning history is one thing, but they literally censor anything bad about anyone non white. If you point out all the bad thing anyone else did you are called a racist. Everyone is literally brainwashed with the belief that all bad things that were done were done by white people, and all the good things white people are responsible for were stolen from non whites. It is all ass backwards.

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Oh yes, we don't talk about it because it happened hundreds of years before we were born. Wait, something about what I said seems to be relevant. Give me a moment while I think this through.

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, i don't know much about it or if the jews are responsible.

Trafficking is responsible. The migrants who can't afford to pay for the last leg are being sold off.

I think Jewish participation in this is minimal, unless you include the NGOs assisting them in the crossing as part of the lure to get them into NA in the first place.

You know I miss Gaddafi now. He said if he wasn't there Europe would turn black.

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There’s literally a new law against white slavery. It’s genetically called “trafficking.” It’s backed by Christian conservatives and enforced very widely by US federal prosecutors.

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What does this even mean? You're not banning people, you're not a moderator. Even if you were, the GP post is not grounds for banning.

Would you like to make an argument against what is being said? I look forward to it. I love arguments, especially good ones.

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He just likes saying “banned.”

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Even Snopes admits that only 1.4% of white Americans owned slaves in 1860, while 7.4% of white families owned slaves.

Jews owned slaves at a vastly disproportionate rate.

When you know this, their deception is so obvious and infuriating.

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It runs much deeper than that. THEIR ENTIRE RELIGION is based around the idea that the rest of us are only good to be their slaves.

Watch this, you may skip to about 14:30 for the best parts: [EDIT: I had put the wrong URL on here, but I am correcting with the right one, here: ]

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Everyone knows that white people where running around west Africa with giant butterfly nets and bagging slaves left and right.

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African blacks, of course. But it all started with the first slave owner in the USA, A BLACK AFRICAN-AMERICAN.

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Is it me or his nose looks more jew than african?

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Jewish people need to stop attaching so much of their identity to victimhood. That way, embarrassments like these make it easy for people to paint them as hypocrites.

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Its been their brand for thousands of years.

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Oy vey!

Great stat though. Commit that one to memory.

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No one gives a fuck. Shut up.

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Where is the data to back that up?

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I'm not seeing it...The title says 78% of slave ships were Jewish-owned, one of his screenshots claims 78% of slave-owners were Jewish, and the webpage the other guy who replied to you just says over 75% of Jewish families in three large southern cities owned slaves, which is obviously completely different.

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I made a typing error. Can't edit the title either. This is what he tweeted.

He also was talking about the slave ships. There is a whole lot of subjects he mentioned in his time line.

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Same. I can't find any source for the 78% figure, or even that the majority of slave ships were Jewish owned.

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Holy shit... Livejournal still exists.

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Blacks especially in the hip hop community are becoming based as fuck against their masters the Jews and they are starting to turn on them. This is glorious to watch.

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Well ofc between jewish producers, agents and labels, they are lucky to get away with 10% of their actual earnings.

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While I don’t think anyone is responsible for the sins of their great great great great grandparents I can’t help but feel somewhat good that people other than us white folks are being told to eat shit.

Now, someone needs to remind the black community about the African kings are warlords who were rounding the slaves up and selling slaves to said Jewish slave traders.

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But that’s how they built Wakanda!

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spez's family the co-owner of reddit possibly made their fortune by selling fast ships used to outrun slave blockades/the coast guard

edit: I swear last time I could googled I could find something about a huffman ship builder who build ships used for slave running after importation was banned

he grew up pretty close to spook city and mount weather

here's something about one huffman selling or buying a slave

Perry, Thornton Tayloe (1892–1981), collector, Berkeley County, W.Va., miscellaneous papers, 1735–1943. 83 items. Mss1P4299f. Microfilm reel C91. Miscellaneous small collections, loose correspondence, accounts, legal and other papers from Berkeley County, W.Va., collected by Thornton Tayloe Perry (of Charles Town, W.Va.). Included in section 3 is a slave bill of sale, 1818, between John Huffman and William Roach.

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Hot take: A couple of years from now, segments of the far-right muslims living in western countries, and woke black people will join forces on the basis of their shared antisemitism.

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Not gonna happen, the subhumans have a stranglehold on all media and most big tech.

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A lot of what is attacked as anti-semitic is openly spoken about in the Jewish media. Everybody should subscribe to outlets such as The Times of Israel. If you do not wish to read it for the news content, it certainly is educational. Many issues that are only now being discussed by the general public have been an issue for years. Take this article from 2014:

The debate over whether being Jewish is a requirement for the presidency has “never [been] more fierce than it is today,” said Jerry Cohen, a longtime American studies professor at Brandeis who is working on a book titled “Innermost Part: Brandeis University and the Jewish Question.” “This question, whither Brandeis, is now up for definition and debate as we contemplate a new president, trying to figure out where we are and who we are.”

The current high number of international students — the figure has risen 30 percent over the past five years and now comprises 18 percent of undergraduates — is something of a fluke that is in the process of being corrected, said Andrew Flagel, the senior vice president for students and enrollment.

It's in the process of being corrected! Also, there is no discrimination against Asians (actual Asians, for British readers) at America's universities. Such anti-semitism! Especially that Jews would engage in such behaviors, after having been victims of discrimination for so long! Unthinkable.

The supposedly most virulent anti-semitic opinions being condemned by western media are frequently completely mainstream Israeli positions.

Just start listening to their own words. All you need to do is repost what they say and when you are inevitably accused of anti-semitism, link them to the original source. They will shut up.

Also, the Jewish media are already in support of the walkout:

Thousands join 48-hour Twitter ‘walkout’ to protest anti-Semitism on platform

The grime musician, who has half a million Twitter followers, was given a seven-day suspension from the platform. Amid a wave of backlash his management company said it had cut all ties with him. He is also facing a police investigation.

It's complete nonsense that anyone supported those messages simply because they didn't remove the posts with a speed that was to the liking of the perpetually offended. It's an absolute media circus, complete with the usual smears, lies, false allegations, purposeful misinterpretations, distortions, and fact-free arguments, character attacks, deployment of authoritarian power and intervention. These supposed victims have the power of all of the establishment behind them. What is painted as some sort of grass root rise against the oppression of hatred by the powerful and the elite is the complete opposite: the silencing of dissidents whose opinions do not align with the majority.

If you want to help fight for truth, you will use the supposed time of silence on Twitter to present the facts of the matter and support those who speak honestly. But, I can hardly imagine that the chattering classes will manage to keep quiet for 48 hours. That would be too good to be true.

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I've made a sub just for that. Please post all the links here that you have. I wish it all archived s/JewishSupremacy

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Good. I will subscribe.

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Yep. Truth is for me, not for thee.

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110 ☑︎

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I'm confused, so they are going to silence themselves in protest? OK. It's not like they are walking off the job. Will we even notice?

[–]HiddenFox 10 insightful - 5 fun10 insightful - 4 fun11 insightful - 5 fun -  (0 children)

That's what I was wondering. It looks like I've been on a twitter walkout/protest for over 30 years!

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They're doing the worst thing they can think of - denying us their presence.

No website can possibly be valid without their input. By denying their contributions, it crushes the very spirit of the website into irrelevance.

You laugh, but this is why they're doing it. They really believe this shit. It's the same reason all those people threatened to leave for Canada if Trump was elected - denying us their presence was the worst thing they could think of to do to us.

[–]kokolokoNightcrawler[S] 6 insightful - 2 fun6 insightful - 1 fun7 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)

Maybe they will lift their censorship aparatus off us too for a couple of days...

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banned! ;-]

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Aaaaaaand it's off Twitter. Go figure.

This is wonderful though.

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It honestly makes everything else okay. All my “liberal” friends heads have exploded and there’s just radio silence...

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Well I'm doing the walk out.

Even if you don't care about the antisemitism you should care about the double standard where rightwingers and feminists get banned for saying saying something a bit mean while the right kind of leftwingers can post all the racism they like and twitter has to be pressure to suspend them for a few days.

Just spend Monday and Tuesday here posting what you had for lunch instead.

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The feminists that arrived on Saidit learned nothing from being censored on Reddit. I started arguing with some of them, then one of them - and I am not making this up - used "you have a small penis" as an argument. Yes, this really happened. Then presto, banned.

They aren't in favor of free speech. They are only in favor of their own speech. There is nothing noble about that.

[–]Trajan 10 insightful - 3 fun10 insightful - 2 fun11 insightful - 3 fun -  (2 children)

They’re in serious denial. They’re blaming ‘patriarchy’ for the trans takeover of their club, yet we know where all this shit originated. Feminism is absolutely steeped in post-modernism and social constructionist thinking, the same philosophies the led to intersectionality. Feminists were perfectly happy with this arrangement so long as they sat at the top of the progressive stack. They’re in denial of the schism that took place within their cult.

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The RF in TERF stands for "radical feminist". They are nobody's friend. I thought that maybe having the censorship monster they created turn on them and censor them instead would teach them something. I was wrong.

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This exactly.

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I have them and faggots all on mute. Just to keep my sanity. You gotta give them a chance to try and deprogram tho. It's a slow and painful process.

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Yeah except right wingers have been putting up with it since pre-2015, when the left was a United front.

None of them gave a fuck about us then.

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fugn negroes.

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Oh this is just nonsense.

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I love watching black people criticize Jewish people and seeing the Goys freeze, not knowing what to do.

It’s a great replacement for sports.

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Not even Jews know whether they are a race or religion. But the bible does tell us about the Ashkanaz. As well as convert Jews of this ancestry and of coverts of Slavic-Turkic descent ie. Khazarians.

Hence, Jews are not a race, per say, only political Zionists, Nazis, and a minority of Jews persecuted during the inquisition of whom renounced their religiosity for a race based, "blood purity" ideology believe themselves to be separate from everyone else. And I cannot help but agree, in some instances that Assimilation for some Jews has NEVER WORKED. Which is why Zionism was seen as the only alternative.

Nevertheless, Jews are either a religion of the old covenant of which they rejected their true Messiah, Yeshua, and are thus now waiting for their Jewish Moshiach, or believe themselves to be the Messiah unto the nations, where they will acquire 2,800 slaves. Or they are fervent followers of the Talmud, Zohar and Cabala. The latter Jews can isolate themselves into Orthodox communities from the non-Jew or become wealthy Hasidic Chabad-Lubavitchers; whilst still isolated, we can clearly observe the Lubavitchers behind Netanyahu, Putin and Trump.

Then there are the Atheistic secular Jews; the reformed sects. They are not really Jews but apostates, according to some Orthodox religious Jewish sects...

(Hasidic Chabad-Lubavitchers are integrationists, in that they base Judaism on ethnicity, the passing of Judaism down to the child through the mother; race, religion, etc., whatever that Jew stands for is above the non-Jew, according to Chabad. This is clearly a strategy so as to integrate all Jews, whatever view, by any means, into promoting the Chabad cause.)

....though, all Jews are apostates for rejecting Yeshua, but that does not necessarily mean they are barred from turning to Yeshua and converting to "The Way". But they must follow it and preach to others.

Yeshua, as a Galilean, was able to transform the lives of a tax collector, money-changer and Zealot (similar to the radical Zionistic religious Jews of certain sects today). These Apostles all renounced their fleshy ways and followed Christ.

The problem I have, more or less the criticism I have with some Christian Jews (which I believe, very much like Anti-Semitism, is a misnomer) such as Dr. Michael Brown, is that they attack muslims. Instead of loving them, some of them, like Brown, push the lie that 9/11 was an Arab Muslim job when all the evidence points to it being a neoconservative, Likudnik, Mossad job. But that's the thing. They all hold dearly onto Zionism as "Christian Jews" which is ungodly for God isn't a land speculator. Brown even propagandises that the bible must be translated better, agreeing with a rabbi that "anti-Semitic" verses must be taken out or repurposed. Brown completely disregards the fact, also, that the modern state of Israel was founded on terrorism and is a secularist, Pagan country. Hence, the star on the flag.

Looking further into this Michael Brown character he has protestant Freemasonic friends that he pretends to not know they are Freemasons as well as does podcasts where he blatantly protects Netanyahu. A man whose fruits show his utter ungodliness by cheating on numerous spouses and divorcing them, even when one was pregnant with his child.

Brown also shills for Trump: as if Trump is a Christian. Which every True Christian, follower of "The Way", need not matter your race or genetics, knows that Trump, by his fruits, is not a Christian and certainly NOT a follower of "The Way." Trump spoke in hindu mysticism the other day, an odd choice of his, certainly if he is what Brown says he is. Trump also admitted in a Presbyterian interview that he has NEVER asked for repentance or prayed. As if he is perfect. He even called himself God in a press interview. Trump's fruits show him to be a narcissist and an un-godly leader, if he even is one.

Trump is a Scottish rite freemason (a corporation), as evidenced by the many Freemasonic grips he displays. The Scottish rite lodge, which all freemasons know is the Jewish way to obtain, Gnosis, is little different than the propaganda duo lodge of P-2 in Italy founded by Gelli. All Freemasons are anti-Communists, so anyone claiming Trump is a communist or wishes to bring about a communist state is ignorant. That is precisely why we see the right-wing spread the scapegoat propaganda that BLM or the leftist democrats, (even though they are neo-liberals) are communists and want to set up another communist state. If they did, it would be only to serve crony-Capitalists as another easily exploitable manufacturing hub. But that would take a grand transformation, one that everyone would see and feel.

ZioFascists, nevertheless, are pumping this throughout the media. They want to create as much division as possible.

The P-2 lodge signed an anti-JFK agreement in Italy between the North division and south division lodges of the US as evidenced by FOIA They are all fervently anti-communist as evidenced by many declassified letters and documents, and, that might be a good thing for some, but they will murder even those, particularly the P-2 lodge, that find diplomacy a better option than warfare, conventional or unconventional. Hence, why the media, owned by these people, CIA/Zionists said communists killed JFK! If they really thought JFK was a communist, why not just say he was a communist?

JFK was the first Catholic president and Freemason deists despise Catholics. Zionist Jews despise the papacy as well. But the real problem with JFK was not only that he was a Catholic, and funny enough, Christian democrats aligned with Rome had a hand in his killing, but, according to the views of the P-2 lodge, the evangelical Freemasons, two of which were outed as CIA agents; the revisionist Zionists, particularly those who founded Israel on terrorism ie. the Irgun; and other right-wing fascists, Kennedy was a thorn in their neck when it concerned Israel's nuclear weapon program, AIPAC (The Jewish Lobby), his turning on particular mafia families who gave rise to he and his fathers legacy and his war on the CIA's subversive activities.

The former CIA director, Smith, who many ZioFascists and Freemasons thought was a dunce and too easy on communism, filled the CIA with retired military leaders and people with ACTUAL MERRIT. (Not ZioCons and subversives, nor Freemasons; though there were a few in lower positions.)

Smith, believed, like JFK, that the CIA HAD ZERO military authority. That if such an issue arose that required the military and when all diplomacy measures were cut-off, only then could the military be utilized.

The subversives in the CIA, those connected to the P-2 lodge, the NATO "stay behind program, the "strategy of tension" terror operations, Permindex-CMC (World Trade Center), and the World Brotherhood corporation, all desired a CIA above that of which JFK and Smith constrained.

Moreover, none of the upper level freemasons, particularly not the members of the Grand Orient P-2 lodge, believe in God, or are taught to not, in the highest of degrees. Very much like Freemasonic muslim lodges such as the historical Muslim Assassin sect whose members in the higher degrees were taught that God was a fraud and that power here and now, is only what counts.

See... all these rites are attacks on Yeshua and his teachings.

The York rite is the "Christian way". The Scottish rite is the Jewish way. The former lodge's god is Lucifer, the latter lodge's god is Lucifer. 85% of members will never reach the 13* of York Rite or 33* of Scottish rite. Both, nevertheless, have close ties to the reformation money-lending schemes, the British Israelite society, Zionism, Chabad-Lubavitch community, and capitalism as a means to expolit ie. Free-for-all in acquiring wealth through the good of the lodge. In other words, the lodge as a corporation, and it very much is a corporation as evidenced by 18th century lodge charter documents, is all about money flow. Exactly how the US federal corporation was set-up. Not as a country but as a PROTECTION Racket. You really think the constitution was about protecting the laborers' assets? Those that he acquired by his labor? No, the constitution was set up by a bunch of land speculators, corporate lawyers and bankers. Not all of the founders and those at the constitution convention were malevolent but the malevolent won! The malevolent, like that of Hamilton, Belmont, Seligman, Loeb, Schiff, Rothschild, Warburg, Lehman and their lackeys were only the pupils of a scheme that has existed since antiquity.

Moreover, the founding of Israel, as some evengelical freemasons like to contend, was God's way of restoring the Jewish peoples' Holy Land and establishing Jews in light of their "chosenness" as the "chosen people", this is nothing more than a lie. That credential from God has been relinquished since 70AD. Modern day Israel was founded on terrorism. The zionist project itself, as Thomas Suraez contends is one of terrorism.

Zealots in biblical times pillaged, plundered and murdered innocent people in towns for their own un-loving God and for land. Yeshua spoke to these people calling their god a murderer from the beginning. Just as the modern secular revisionist Zionists have done to the Palestinians, Zealots did the same to the cannanites, Jebusites and phillistines.

Judaism is a religion in my opinion. A flase one, an anti-Christ one. The Torah keepers are the least dusturbed in their views and are furthermore the more likely to keep Torah and follow Jesus in faith. They call themselves, Jews, but they cease to be if the follow the 2nd convenant ie. "The Way."

Most of Christindom and nearly all of Judaism does not follow "The Way." That is, the true teachings of the father taught by the Son of Man, Yeshua.

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jin that narrative up gods chosen.

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Where is the tweet from the black man?

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