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Rowling was always someone I found to be conflicting. Like, yeah on one hand you could write her off as just another Hollywood Liberal - but I read somewhere that she actually LOST her networth of being a billionaire because she donated so much to charity. It's hard to criticize someone that will give more to help others than you will most likely make in your lifetime.

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The Hollywood Liberals are pretty mad at her these days because she acknowledges that biological sex exists.

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It’s fair to acknowledge the good along with the bad. I’d still criticise her for feeding the movement that ultimately turned on her. She became a joke for her habit of retroactively declaring characters to be gay or black. Even the woke criticised her for this as it seemed very convenient to announce these things after selling the product, and sometimes it was in direct contradiction of what she actually wrote.

That she gives a lot to charity doesn’t mean she can’t be complimented or criticised in other domains of her life.

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She got a LOT of shit for "retroactively" making Dumbledore gay. He was clearly intended to be gay from the get go. He wore bright purple robes when everyone else wore black or dark colours. In the first book he 'cries at how beautiful music is.' He wears bonnets and women's hats every Christmas that crackers are mentioned. Then in the final book, he has a fling with Grindelwald. She wrote a gay character who basically got to the seventh book where Harry realises "hey, I never really knew anything personal about him," and he kept a very teacher/student relationship with him even if it was a close one, his sexuality was not relevant to the story.

The fact that people got angry because she didn't write "Hello Harry, I'm Dumbledore and I'M GAY!!!" just shows how close-minded people are. It's one of the better inclusions of a gay character in current media because he wasn't forcing his sexuality down our throats, he wasn't defined by his sexuality, and he wasn't just the congealed ball of stereotypes we usually get represented by in media.

The black Hermione thing though, that was just shitty. I'm half giving her the benefit of the doubt that it was more of a "you can't say you won't hire an actress based on race" but we all know it was just a publicity stunt.

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it's odd to say he was gay because he wore purple or bonnets, I guess I never figured that, it did seem a retcon to say after he was gay. He could be gay though, really it was never mentioned who he liked to have sex with so it could be. But Herminoe was said to have turned red when blushing so couldn't have been black

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    hamilton is a comedy/musical, and is not supposed to be in "canon" or "continuity" with actual reality. What is cursed child based on, not reality, but the books. Is it supposed to really be a sequel and in continuity? It's marketed as such. Well sometimes writers make mistakes and things don't fit continuity but it's a legit criticism when they don't do it by mistake but on purpose. Seems to be done for virtue woke points which is pandering. The characters in harry potter were almost all white. Now what if this sequel took the minor character dean thomas, a black boy who went to hogwarts, and expanded on him, maybe showed his story more, showed how as an adult he became a great wizard etc. Or Kingsley Shacklebolt. A good character with not much explained. People don't like blackwashing for same reason they don't white washing. It's really bo different than blackface. Maybe "not as bad" with fictional characters but still a slap in the face to fans.

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      I guess you could just pretend it's non canon but jk rowling and the rest all said it was, you could say the movies are a different continuity from the books, because of things like harry having green eyes in the books, brown eyes in movies, and ron wheasly is very tall in the books, avg height in movies. That's valid. I guess it just an opion to say that those things are minor but changing the skin color from white to black is major. People didn't like the white washing in the ghost in the shell movie, that could just be said to be a different continuity I guess. White washing in the Last Air Bender movie too. These things aren't the end of the world but it is valid to discuss and criticize them. The question is to ask why make a change, a lot of times it is to get the best possible actor for a part. But other times it is to gain woke points. And it is my opinion, just opinion, going for woke points is a bad reason. White washing a role because of the reason that white actos in big budget movies lead to more profits is also a bad reason.

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        it is "ok" but a bad casting decision. I can see why they made casting decisions for hamilton, it is making a statement, the black people trepresent the good guys of america who were immigrants or I should say maybe not immigrants but just people who were less priveleged than the british where the king had ruled them. So that symbolized black and latino etc people today and another revolution is needed. The question is always why make the casting change and I repeat, woke pts is a bad reason.

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        hamilton is a comedy/musical, and is not supposed to be in "canon" or "continuity" with actual reality.

        If you wouldn't use that argument to defend Song of the South, then don't even try it with that show. Ishmael Reed was right.

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        not sure who reed is. Song of the south is pretty harmless. Sure though cartoon characters didn't exist in the antebellum south, not reality.

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        Then she took it too far too woke, made a bunch of her HP characters gay and Harmoine black retroactively. The snake is swallowing its own tail now. I don't feel very bad for her. Now she is getting the taste of her own 'community' which she pandered to.

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        She can try to say Harmoine was black, but there is a fucking movie she helped pick the cast and she locked a white girl!!!

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        Leftist, not liberal. There's a difference.

        Leftists polluted the noble title of liberal, and when they could get no more from it moved on to "progressive".

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        Charity or mebe she wanted tax breaks?

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        Easy come, easy go. It was never real money to her anyhow. She's much more enamored of the internet cool points she gets for being a philanthropist. Of course, many philanthropists were horrible people: Carnegie, Rockefeller, Gates.

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        The road to hell...

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        So they want to cancel cancel culture? Good luck.

        I'm glad to see people speaking out about the atmosphere of suppression, but I'm not sure fighting fire with fire is the right thing to do. Maybe it is. I don't know. Seems like it might just stir the pot more though... not sure what the outcome will be, but I guess it can't just go unchecked forever

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        What in God's holy name are you blathering about?

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        Magnora7 as always you spark ideas. Maybe some should organise like AHS and actually attack those that are attacking others. Dox the doxers.

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        I think if you cancel cancel culture it's a double negative and it goes back to regular culture

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        There are dozens of us. Dozens!

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        These are just dozens of the biggest voices IMO. Regular people calling for it to stop are in the millions.

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        That may be true, but talk is still cheap.

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        JK Rowling did nothing wrong!

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        What about her blaming cancel culture on the Right?

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        All the right did was point out the hypocrisy and laugh.

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        This is pretty much the embodiment of saidit. Right now it is admittedly a lot of alt-righters and radical feminists, but as time goes on, more and more opinions will be pushed out of the mainstream, and all of a sudden this place will look very sane.

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        "First they came for the sane, but I did not speak out; for I was not sane."

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          To be clear my point is that much of saidit is alt-right or radical feminist. Two positions that are not necessarily insane but not exactly clear-minded either. It's because alt-righters and trans-critical radical feminists are currently the ones being pushed out of the mainstream. As time goes on, more "sane", or centrist, perspectives will not fit in the mainstream. These more-centrist people will (hopefully) move to saidit. At that point, saidit will look very "sane," or what reddit used to look like.

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          But I also think people are much more susceptible to reasoning with other sane people. Right? If you have a different opinion than me and act like a civilized human being - I'll take it much more seriously. If you're screaming, crying, and banning anyone who does not share the same opinion - it makes me double down on my original thought.

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          I used to think this way but radical people from every background seem to always justify their beliefs and treat evidence as nonsense. Try debating a /s/GenderCritical that prostitution is okay for society. Every salient point you bring to the table will be bitterly shot down, deflected, goalpost-moved, or made a mockery of. Try debating a far-right nationalist with the position that all ethnicities are more or less biologically equivalent. The proof is in the pudding, but the point will never get across.

          Maybe the best example: try to convince a theist that God doesn't exist. Your argument is impenetrable, but it just won't register in their mind. Political extremes are a lot like religions in this sense.

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          So being a theist is now a radical, extremist position? Of course no theist would believe this argument. Religion is a fundamental part of human nature, and Christianity is but one of many. Atheism is technically a religion. If you lack belief in a higher power or life after death, then the prospect of dying would truly be terrifying. This reality of secular society is continuously ignored through the use of distractions, and this grinding migration away from religion in any shape clouds the truth of morality. If there is no base for what is right and wrong, how do you know which is which? If this benchmark is destroyed, the media and its elite funders can make the general populace into willing slaves, as they will never be taught that slavery is morally wrong and disgustingly unjust. This is already happening in American society, and I'm sure it isn't just us.

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          Race denial. Hilarious. Tell me how Samual Morten's data is wrong? Tell me about time preference and average IQ differences between races. I think you are very confused, and if you think all races are the same you have most likely done not even a modicum of actual research into the topic.

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          AFAIK that guy just proved differences in cranial dimensions. And he was mostly right. He didn't conduct thorough probing into actual intelligence. AFAIK there is a pretty standard difference in IQ across the board, and for certain populations (like poor Africans) we're not really able to have a clear indicator because of other factors, like lack of access to education, and even poor nutrition, home environments, etc.

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          It seems that some of the people who have signed it are now walking it back because they are being attacked for signing it. You just can't make this shit up. 🤣

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          She was perfectly fine with these people canceling other people, but now the mob she has been supporting for years has come for her, she is crying for them to stop. Fuck J.K. Rowling, you made your bed now lie in it.

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          Would Rowling have thrown her hat in the ring if she hadn't gotten such intense blowback for her retcons and trans rants?

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          Would Olivia Newton John (and countless others) have a cancer foundation if she never got cancer? Probably not but it's still a net positive in the world.

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          She's living proof that weed works.

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            JK Rowling: If you live by Twitter, you die by Twitter.

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            Tell that to Jason Bateman.

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            The Salem witch trials were stopped when the elites started to get accused.

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            Welp. I just canceled reddit.

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            noam is pretty much silenced intellectual.

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            As I interpret this, this means that there is some kind of amount of "celebrities" that are not complete accomplishes to the current cultural upheaval that is ongoing. All the power to her and her compatriots in my opinion. But my opinion may be questioned, and this is why we all are here. ))