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Holy shit... this is regarding the HLTV virus that gives approximately 2% of people who contract it, cancer. But now it is being pointed to as the source of HIV...

According to a new 62-page HHS report on the long-running Gallo case, at the time the article was published the French virus, called LAV, had grown both in Gallo`s National Cancer Institute laboratory and at the Pasteur Institute of Paris, where it was discovered in 1983.

Contradictions between Gallos published statements and laboratory records showing his laboratorys growth of LAV were first noted in a 1989 Chicago Tribune article on the history of the discovery of the AIDS virus.

The Tribune article also concluded that, either because of accident or theft, the Gallo lab`s principal AIDS virus isolate, called HTLV-3B, is actually the French LAV. The HHS report maintains that ''it is not possible to resolve the question'' of whether this happened through a deliberate theft or an accidental laboratory contamination.

The determination that Gallo knowingly falsified the status of AIDS research in his laboratory also marks the first time HHS officials assigned to review scientific misconduct cases have reversed a finding of no misconduct by the NIH.

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