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because nobody, and i mean NOBODY gives a fuck about africa, just like nobody gives a fuck about the chinese christians being tortured and haveing their organs harvested

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I guess I'm nobody, as are the Africans who come to SaidIt. There's a large number from Nigeria, South Africa, etc.

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im not meaning ME, im meaning people as a whole, its easy to say "oh my condolences, thats horrible i'll pray for you" but thats hot air

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I agree that when people say "I'll pray for you" is mostly wishful thinking bullshit, that may or may not substitute for meditation.

I also agree that, sadly, Africa is not a priority for most folks of the English speaking world.

However, I wouldn't go so extreme as to say "NOBODY gives a fuck about Africa", as if they're lower than any other continent or people, or if that's not what you meant then I could name a dozen other places with familiar and unfamiliar names. (ie. NOBODY gives a fuck about East Timor.) They're still part of our world and the human race and deserve compassion and respect.