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What idiot drivel bureaucratic nonsense. “Test sick people, isolate them, find their contacts, isolate them too.” What about the old ass security guard guarding the door at the grocery store who wears no mask or gloves and can’t social distance and still do his job? That’s everyone in the city!

So basically, just do what we’ve been doing but give you more money. Fuck off bureaucratic asshole.

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I prefer just getting on with the approach they're taking us incrementally to.

Anyone who tests positive for this or future viruses should be taken to an island in the south Pacific, or even just wall off a state. There, they will live out the rest of their days in service to their fellow mankind, knowing they've made a difference.

Perhaps we can even make some type of games on the island, strictly for entertainment of course whereby the winners get rewards, or might even be allowed to leave...