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Censorship's a biotch. A related (maybe heavily related?) side note: I also heard on NPR (which, for the record, I only listen to now when I'm oddly podcast-less/phone-less and thus desperate for radio sound that's not pop music) that they (Fb) are taking down terrorist pages, working with the police, but why is that still "news"? It's 2018, we know this ... it's like: "in other news, the police wrote tickets today, bankers banked, and other people, as well, did their jobs today, more right after this break". Obviously outright dangerous criminal things should be handled, buuuut this is alsoooo part of the "ticket in" to censorship...

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That's NPR running PR recover for Facebook. Terrorist Facebook's Pages? The US is sitting drone strikes on suspects. You think any terrorist is interested in paying info on Facebook? Rediculous.

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I see...weird and interesting. Yeah, the image conjured in my head was confusing and I was thinking "gee whiz, it must be the crop of the youngest and the dumbest terrorists to be on social media still in 2018", lol! I feel kinda silly... Thanks!