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Obey the law? Obeying the law is difficult when everything is illegal.

How can you say that you live in a free country when firefighting chemicals, upskirting, cat meat, chaining dogs, light bars, sunscreen, balloons, racing, kava, sex dolls, fishing weights, straws, optional solar panels, collecting seashells, elephant shows, drunk drone flying, swimming, shark fins, slingshots, bulletproof glass, hourly room rentals, license plate covers, dog sales, plywood, passing garbage trucks, horse meat, boating while drinking, ticket bots, riding horses, car sales, shooting ranges, trans fat, hedgehogs, leaning bikes on trees, fake service dogs, hookah lounges, clowns, holding hands, hollow logs, interracial marriage, hitching posts, cheetahs, pinball, pesticides, powder caffeine, feeding deer, potlucks, glue, mobile homes, snow brushing, fixing tractors, sharing passwords, visiting banned websites, fortune-telling, declawing, air taxis, Kratom, seed libraries, dwarf tossing, cemetery picnics, selling hair, drunk surfing, being annoying, golf carts, street parking, parking backwards, lawn parking, paved yards, masks, powdered alcohol, spitting, unlicensed bicycling, deer scents, pitbulls, speed trap warnings, aluminum bottles, stun guns, drinking, cursing, body odor, RV's, cigarettes, hate speech, texting while walking, dirty cars, monkeys, boating without life jackets, feeding homeless, tiger selfies, shoveling snow, not mowing, food in trash, not wearing helmets, watering lawns, not watering lawns, caged chickens, foie gras, curfews, microbeads, recording police, sleeping in cars, secret compartments, fireworks, leash free dogs, unlicensed dogs, jaywalking, sex without a contract, porn condoms, ginseng harvesting, baggy pants, subway gymnasts, styrofoam, smoking, sodas, cellphones while driving, washing car in driveways, astroturf, tiny homes, plastic bags, alcohol, Airbnb, Uber, nudity, gardens, signs, toy guns, transporting illegals, ballot pictures, Tesla, sledding, gambling, prostitution, driving without insurance, radar detectors, kill switches, no seatbelts, garage sales, sitting on milk crates, circuses, protesting, self-serve gas, sex toys, calling 311, hitch-hiking, warming cars, eating while driving, structuring, electronics recycling, fences, alcohol contents, dancing, camping, fires, bottled water, feeding strays, electric bikes, loitering, repair cars on street, menus without calories, unlicensed dogs, possession, ATV's, manspreading, science, skateboards, dogs in trucks, knives, brass knuckles, not having health insurance, dirt bikes, go carts, outdoor sleeping, panhandling, blocking sidewalks, drugs, ammunition, ferrets, failing to report worldwide assets, foreign bank accounts, net cafes, slow driving, sex, flags, failing to register as sex offender, cohabitation, no vaccination, cupcakes, flashing headlights, working too early, fireplaces, failing to declare cash, recording farms, fast food, rent control, tinted windows, minimum wage, failing to carry ID, adultery, cutting down trees, volunteers, collecting rain, decorations, importing cars, hammocks, labels, discounts, pet burials, basketball hoops, wading pools, satellite dishes, BBQ, playing in street, hoverboards, switchblades, biking on sidewalk, sidewalk sitting, flying lanterns, donation bins, salt, pigs, and martial arts are all against the law?