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A Ball State University professor who called the police when a black student wouldn't switch seats will not be back to teach for the rest of the semester, the school said.

The decision by the dean of the business school, in consultation with the university provost, was made "to ensure that we provide continuity in the curriculum, eliminate any unnecessary distractions, and help our students complete the appropriate course expectations," Kathy Wolf, the university's vice president of marketing and communications, said in a statement to CNN.

The professor, Shaheen Borna, has been a member of the Ball State faculty since 1983.

In January, Borna called police after a student declined to move to a different chair during his Marketing 310 class. The student, Sultan Benson, told CNN he arrived to class to find his usual seat was taken. Borna suggested he take an empty seat toward the back, which he did, Benson said.

When another student left about a half hour into class, Borna asked Benson to move up. Already settled, with his belongings unpacked and his laptop charging, Benson asked why he had to move. That is when Benson said things escalated.

"Either move your seat or I call the police," Benson recalled Borna saying.

Two campus police officers responded, and video of the incident shows multiple students coming to Benson's defense. Benson said he left the classroom to briefly speak with police in the hallway.