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This is why I think religion is dangerous for society. It gives people this notion that murder is okay because sky people.

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What about the vast amount of good it does? Did that factor into your calculations, internet atheist?

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vast amount of good

Chucking food to the poor and a few med kits don't justify the amount of lives that have been ruined. The amount of people killed.


Bold words from someone arguing on behalf of "Burn the witch!"

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It's because you've only ever concentrated on the bad parts, and none of the good parts.

Bold words from someone arguing on behalf of "Burn the witch!"

That is literally misrepresenting my position. Do you remember the pyramid of debate?

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Good parts. Massive organizations that have amassed their wealth through manipulation and threats, and because they tossed a few coins somewhere I'm somehow supposed to be impressed?

misrepresenting my position.

You used the word "calculation" in your argument, so I apologize for getting emotional.

These people control knowledge. Tell people what they can and cannot look at. What they can and cannot think.

While great at maintaining social order through false fear, I do not consider those institutions any more "good" than the nazi's.

The nazi's did a lot of good before they lost the war. Boosted their economy. Increased education for the underprivileged. Created tons of jobs.

Despite all the "good" they did, the horrible, vile acts that happened shouldn't be ignored. Same goes for religious groups.

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OK, let's try something from the pyramid of debate. What you're doing now is strawmanning: taking the weakest parts of the opponent's argument and pretending that they are the whole. Instead, try steelmanning, which is stating the strongest parts of the opponent's argument.

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Please list out all the good things the church has done that I haven't already listed. Otherwise this conversation is going to last longer than necessary.

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That's not steelmanning, that's strawmanning. Try again. If you really can't think of anything, you're not a good arguer.

If you only know your own side of the argument, you know neither side.

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If you really can't think of anything, you're not a good arguer.

If you can't provide a damn example that I haven't already given that means my side isn't wrong.

If you only know your own side of the argument,

You have yet to provide anything to support your own side.

You first.

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It's always the case that hate comes from ignorance. The most hateful people have no idea what it is that they hate, whether it be immigrants, communism, or in this case religion.

Let me guess, to you “Religion” means ISIS and the Westboro Baptist Church? Even if you add abortion clinic bombers, the Crusades, the Salem Witch Trials, and the Spanish Inquisition, we are still talking about a statistically non-existent proportion of, even just the Christian faith, let alone all “religion.”

Religion is an effective way to help people who don't understand that acting in a way beneficial to the community is also beneficial to themselves.

It gives people a sense of comfort and a reason to keep going in a cruel, uncaring world.

The world is a better place if we all act as if God exists.

See how easy that was? And yet you're completely ignorant? Wow, that's just embarrassing. No wonder you're such a bigot.

Plus there's the whole charity thing, which concretely makes the world a better place. Ever heard of the Sacco and Vanzetti hospital? Yeah, exactly.

And if there were no religion, how would internet atheists like yourself find anyone to look down on?