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Schools become more like prisons everyday. I saw my local school now requires every single kid to have a fully-transparent backpack... They treat kids like criminals then are surprised when they act out or are depressed.

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Why would any normal person stand in front of a car?

A 17-year-old high school student from Florida was leaving school to go to a dental appointment when a sheriff's deputy blocked his way and threatened to shoot him for truancy.

The incident took place at River Ridge High School in Pasco County a week before Christmas, but the student's mother, Nedra Miller, has only recently obtained the school resource officer's body camera video and shared it on Facebook.

It shows a tense confrontation between 17-year-old William Miller, sitting behind the wheel of a pickup truck and a Pasco County Sheriff's deputy serving as a school resource officer, while a school discipline assistant watches from a golf cart.

The three-minute, 55-second recording has been viewed more than 41,000 as of Monday morning.