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They already get everyone's license plates, but I guess it just isn't enough. I'll wear a mask around, I'll look cooler anyway.

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Yeah I remember an article too about walmart selling their camera data to the CIA or NSA for face-identification training. It's brave new world...

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Not so fast....

Anti-mask laws

A PEACE OFFICER MAY DETAIN A PERSON WHO IS WEARING A DISGUISE TO VERIFY THE PERSON'S IDENTITY AND TO DETERMINE IF THE PERSON HAS COMMITTED A PUBLIC OFFENSE. This bill was signed into law in March of this year in Arizona. I didn't dig deep enough to see if this part was amended (I had saved it while researching something else back in February).

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Nooooo. I guess I don't have the right to my own face. Huge sunglasses it is.

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Lmao, no such thing as a peace officer, not these days. I'll wear a mask all I want lol