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Interesting. So this is positing that aluminum and fluoride are the culprits? I think fluoride is a joke, even WHO studies show that it has little impact on dental health as compared to countries who don't do it. And many countries have started to move away from putting it in their water.

Aluminum is interesting because there's so many sources, like deodorant for example. They've also found aluminum concentrations in the brain are related to Alzheimer's.

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Its interesting, and has potential. They posit that there is a synergistic effect (multiplicative rather than additive) of these toxic insults. WHats more interesting to me is that there seems to be differing genetic susceptibility between people. They did find that people living and who grew up in the same areas can have wildly different levels of fluoride in the pineal gland. There must be a genetic connection as well as an environmental insult.

I try to use as little deoderant as possible for that reason lol, they did NOT like me in the anatomy lab.

I think Fluoride is BS, but can have its place - IN toothpaste- that I spit out, and have the CHOICE of exposing myself to. Its absurd that they put it in the drinking water.

Alzheimers is such a mystery. we have an alzheimers specialist that does brain autopsies where I am and there is a ton of controversy in the field. Its poorly understood by the experts. What is known though is that you are more likely to develop alzheimers if you have less Beta amyloid in your cerebrospinal fluid, which means its not being cleared from the brain. (CSF is the trashman of the brain, and beta amyloid is trash). A

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I agree about topical fluoride. Drinking it makes no sense. Those few seconds it's on the teeth doesn't offset all the potential negatives of running it through the whole body. And I agree there's a biological component to how the toxic elements are processed. If there wasn't, then everyone in a region would have the exact same amount of autism, but clearly that's not the case.

Interesting what you say about the CSF.

I wonder if it's related to people's lack of sleep? Sleeping is when your brain "takes out the trash" and clears out buildups, I've seen new research starting to show this.

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I wouldn't be surprised. Its in the medical industry's best interest that it is not however, so I wonder how much counter research will come out. It certainly would have implications for attendings and residents.

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It's ironic because medical people are often sleep deprived, despite all the scientific evidence available that shows it increases error rates significantly, often as much as being drunk.

Seems the medical profession often holds tradition over science, despite constantly saying it's not.

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Yes. You will find that it has its own little culty fraternities too. Went to an ACP (american college of physicians) meeting, which is the second largest group representing the internal medicine specialty. You wouldn't believe the literal communist propaganda they are spewing. "Your labor does not belong to you, it belongs to the community..." with various justifications for the proposed elimination of the sovereign rights of the physicians it "represents." Made me want to start singing the soviet national anthem ;)

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Yeah it's a bizarre culture that loves to self-flagellate but simultaneously sees itself as gods