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What the hell is causing this? This seems quite serious.

Is it simply that autism is being redefined to be broader? Is it that our lack of social interaction due to technology causes more people to eventually qualify as autistic? Is it that our brains are being damaged in some way, by some chemical in the food, air, or water? Perhaps glyphosate is the "lead in gasoline and paint" of our generation. Or perhaps mercury-analog adjuvants will be. Not to mention the widespread use of pharmas on young developing minds. Does it have to do with such a high percentage of our population now living in cities, which was not quite as strongly the case a few decades ago? Or perhaps it is some mix of all these and more?

I feel like the alarm bells should be going off and we should be having a nationwide discussion to try and fix this, but instead there's basically silence.

Is this similar trend happening in other nations around the world? That seems like the next obvious question.

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Was curious, found this: Prevalence of autism spectrum disorder among children in select countries worldwide as of 2017 per 10,000 children

Thought this article was interesting as well, it's from 2005: Autism Rate - US 1:166, Amish 1:15,000 Seems like most of the comments blame the mercury in vaccines, but these kids aren't exposed to the same food supply as typical American children. Amish families mostly grow their own food. Wonder if they use their own seeds instead of glyphosate resistant seeds?

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Very interesting to use the Amish as a control population. That eliminates chemtrailing as a potential cause also.

There are a lot of things that seem to point to glyphosate (Monsanto's RoundUp) as being the main culprit. I think this is the real problem with GMOs. The plants are all RoundUp Ready, but our human guts are not.

However according to this, they do use pesticides as well as GMO crops.

So I guess it is probably not that. Maybe it is the social stress of a modern lifestyle? Stress hormones cause lots of damage, and our modern lifestyles are more stressful than ever.

Or perhaps it has to do with the drugs used to sedate the mother during childbirth? Or pharmas used by mothers during pregnancy?

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The aluminum/fluoride connection maybe? The aluminum link is interesting, it's now in so much stuff, especially cookware. The bulk of pots and pans cheaply (and some not so cheaply) manufactured has a high content of aluminum. Not sure if Amish populations use local water supplies either.

Pharma would be hard to investigate. Some women won't take anything when pregnant, others take over the counter, others take anything. Interesting though, what studies have been conducted to look at that?

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Yeah thats interesting about cookware. Teflon is known to cause health issues in certain contexts:

Interesting though, what studies have been conducted to look at that?

I imagine not many, as pharma will generally not fund studies that could limit profits by proving products unsafe. I imagine in the next few decades there will be many pharma drugs uncovered to be unsafe that were previously thought to be safe. It's just like cigarettes.