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Posting in my own thread: I was drunk as fuck, yesterday. I won't edit my drunk post. I spoke the truth from a drunk heart.

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I don't know what I could add while listening to the 11:48 official livenversion and I'm ready to connect my record player to put on LP studio version. Both fuckers are so good.

My neighbors must hate me right now. It's raining hard right now, and my patio windows are wide open. I put my stereo system on, connecting it to my loudspeakers and Mac. Already have the candles on, had my drinks ready hours ago. My fan adds to the mood, switching from side to side. The mood is set right for one of the greatest Rock pieces in Music history. Lynyrd Skynyrd earned their place.- You don't understand; this song makes me want to slit my wrists because it's just too much greatness for my soul to take. It's Epic always have been, whatever version, and it's dark and heavy raining over here right now.

Tell your kids, friends and everyone else to watch this/listen to this piece of Music-Rock History.

Edit: Please make as much copies of not only this piece but everything you love and want to share with the world. We all know that things will or already changed with the rules regarding European laws. That's just the start. I don't have much space on my hard drive but I know that VPN's and open storage sources are not enough. I want hard copies for the future when the internet goes down. I'm building my own physical data library-downloading every video, song, program, video on a disc, trying to make everything Offline available. I hope you are doing the same. Think of our satelites getting disrupted, skynet, ahem, our internet is taken down. Think of Fahrenheit, were people like you and me might remember/memorize the history of mankind, when information is not available to everyone or the internet just doesn't exist anymore.

Since I was a kid I collected old school music, starting with my parents collections from the good old days and everything they could gather from their parents.. I collect history and with one strike, one bomb, one war everything will be gone.

i don't care so much about us- we might be the next generation o experience a real war or disaster that will bring mankind to it's knees. Whatever, at this point I'm more concerned what we can leave behind -think of The Planets of the Apes after the Bomb and Wells- The Sleeper Awakes.

Whatever, p[laese enjoy and share this drug.

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