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Well that's fucking great - first they "discontinue" ipods - now they are discontinuing the software. (Ignoring of course all the other recent poor decisions they've made).

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I never did learn how to move my iTunes music from one computer to another. Apple now cares more about its deals with China than its users. Remember around 2000 when they had a French CEO and something called Desktop Printing that just didn't work? I almost shifted platforms then, but maybe now is the time to start looking around.

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RIP Apple and your new cheese graters. Have you guys seen the modern macbook keyboards? They have like 2mm of travel it's total insanity and not nice to type on.

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I still have an ipod with tons of dled albums on it, got it plugged into my car and use it all the time but i don't dare plug it into a laptop, if it gets updated I lose everything

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Why will you lose everything?

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i have the songs on the ipod but not on the laptop, i had them downloaded on a different computer years ago that died

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Why would that delete it on the iPod though?

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itunes and apple never let you take songs off an ipod and put them on your laptop, there used to be an open source program I think called u shuffle, or shuffle pod, or something like that, that I used to do it but it doesn't work anymore. I guess because apple wants you to pay money to their itunes store whereas I had gotten tons of mp3s downloading them from bit torrent. I learned this hard way, going to just add songs, it does the sync and then wipes everything, you can only have songs that are already in your itunes library on the ipod

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It was important—no, necessary—that the names and titles and album art of every song I stole from the internet looked as if it had arrived there legitimately. Standard capitalization. No symbols. No electronic signature from the downloader.

…Why? Is someone manually scanning the mp3s or something?

Also, copying is not stealing.

Edit: What does this mean for listening to music not on the Apple store, by the way?