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Ack! Too bad.

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It was just before Napster ended anyway, but then years later I'm walking down Melrose Avenue and there is a Napster building.

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I'm very old school. I still pay for music. Partially because I believe the artist should get some of my money for their art and also because I believe in hard copies. I've lost too much on crashing computers over the years to trust in digital. Even with books I often buy the actual book then buy the ebook to read.

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I buy at least one CD a year, but we're paying indirectly by listening on YouTube or whatever, with the advertising. If a new group goes on a first tour they make almost nothing I hear. But, you're right, I should buy two CDs a year. I only read books, since I've broken two e-readers by falling asleep and dropping them. I like the feel of a book in my hand.

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My eyes have gotten bad so I like an ereader so I can have a larger font. But I'm still addicted to physical books. Can't censor them after the fact.