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both a great song and an great video, love those clothes.

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Thanks, and I agree. That was right around the time Ectascy started making the rounds, well, everywhere, and still is, I'm sure. Terrible, terrible what these young people are doing, and sometimes even older people do it I hear. Helps them prepare for the inevitable. Soon they will kick the bucket, buy the farm, go on ahead, go on an extended vacation. Game over man. : )

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Nostalgia! It has its clutch on me!

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the problem with nostalgia today is it's just not what it used to be.

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No? I assume that years from now there will be people nostalgic for Kanye and the Kardashians. I can't imagine it but assume it will happen. But then I think of Lemmy. Never a fan but once a writer chided him for being old. Lemmy said he was glad he was old and he pitied the young because they missed a lot of great music and a lot of great times. I think of all the great music I didn't miss and I pity them too. Not so much for this song which I mainly enjoy for its silliness but for other music that still seems great to me.

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yeah in some ways I think since napster and torrents apparently decimated the music industry there is actually much more, and much more varied music now than ever it's just managing to find the gems out there . which is partly why I'm here to post things I like and find gems from others collection I may never have heard .

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That is one more thing I miss about old reddit. New Reddit music is just corporate but old reddit music led me to less successful artists i loved (Especially Kyle Field) and even amateurs i enjoyed.

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Napster really got me going. I learned so much about classical and jazz and if you could think of a song, it was there, but sometimes only part of it. The record industry hired some thug engineers and blocked my IP.

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Ack! Too bad.

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It was just before Napster ended anyway, but then years later I'm walking down Melrose Avenue and there is a Napster building.

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I'm very old school. I still pay for music. Partially because I believe the artist should get some of my money for their art and also because I believe in hard copies. I've lost too much on crashing computers over the years to trust in digital. Even with books I often buy the actual book then buy the ebook to read.

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I buy at least one CD a year, but we're paying indirectly by listening on YouTube or whatever, with the advertising. If a new group goes on a first tour they make almost nothing I hear. But, you're right, I should buy two CDs a year. I only read books, since I've broken two e-readers by falling asleep and dropping them. I like the feel of a book in my hand.

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Your recent psychedelic post to s/music inspired me.

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With Napster I had too much music. You couldn't go down to the corner and buy a terabyte.