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I mostly agree, and I offered a suggestion for a way to do this in my post A Solution for Misanthropes. Do you see anything wrong with this idea?

My only disagreement is your comment about religion. The whole point of religion is to help people work together. In rising cultures in history, it was the shared religion that made cooperation possible.

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Thank you again. I meant to type that some people use religion as an excuse to continue being negative instead of learning, and bettering themselves and others, from it. I think your post is an excellent idea. We instinctively gravitate towards those that are of similar minds. I think if people were to get on board with your idea, that it would take 50 to 100 years tops. I don't agree with the keeping the races separate, or the limited kinds of religion though. I think genetic testing should be done if people want to have children, in order to see if any bad recessive traits might be passed on. I'm spiritual. The religions I follow are Taoism, Buddhism, and Wicca (appreciating and reading the energies of our Universe, Nature, and the Masculine and Feminine energetic balance.)

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Thanks for feedback. My suggestion ignores race. The religious texts I picked are those that I know to be good, but there could be others. But not all religions qualify. For example modern Christianity which rejects the Old Testament is a horrible religion. Of the religions you mentioned, I can't understand Taoism and know nothing about Wicca. I am actually studying Buddhism now and it has potential. Of course the Western understanding of Buddhism is horrible but that is another issue.

I plan to work seriously on my intentional ethnicity idea on weekends. I will post about this to my sub /s/nonmorons. But this weekend I am going to north Mexico. It would be great if you could be involved in the development of this idea.

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Sorry about the misunderstanding. It would be a great honor to help you. You are wise beyond your tears, in this day and age.

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  • beyond your years Stupid "auto correct" lol