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Calling it "attempts at ban evasion" is an overstatement. That was mostly a ploy by reddit fagmins to axe out literally anything remotely tangential to MDE-fan discourse.

Grilling and fishing themed subreddits (r/millioncommonbream) were getting created and banned months long after r/MDE got banned, and I remember seeing them, from birth to death, solely populated with boomer-tier memes. No serious discussion at all.

And, of course, there were the subreddits that existed well before r/MDE got banned, and were banned for "ban evasion", despite - yet again - having entirely separate focuses from r/MDE, and only sharing the same like-minded users.

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yeah I experienced this firsthand with r/MillionDollarCraft, a place for discussing the MDE minecraft server while avoiding being a general meme sub, still got banned off reddit (and also got attacked by protectvoat, gamers rise up)

by "attempts at ban evasion" I meant BillionShekelSupreme etc. as well as DecillionPoundBeam(private sub.) there is one I'm still on that has somehow lasted 4 months

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BSS wasn't ban evasion, though. It was because MDE was flooded with zoomers from CA and was drastically altering the original spirit of the sub. Ended up being fundamentally different than the premortem MDE.

Agreed about DPB (was never there, but was on a lot of other similarly named ones). Was the 4 month one SHS?

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no, the live one starts with an O

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Okay are you maybe?

As far as I’ve seen the remakes lack enough traffic to resemble the original.

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Reddit's best-ever sub, after r/jailbait, IMO