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Humans are the most cucked species. Hell only like 10% of the population is even lgbt, all the corporate pride was for the straight white cucks who just go with whatever neoliberal trend makes them hate themselves this week.

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Exactly, they're not marketing just to LGBT because that's a small market, but in reality are marketing to the much broader audience of people who partly base their identity around LGBT support

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It's different than just marketing though. We now have companies that actively engage I hostility toward certain groups. Instead of providing a MasterCard to everyone, well they defend certain groups, like Gavin mcginess, who I'm not a fan of.

However, the wailing and gnashing of teeth if MC prevented lgbt groups from using their service would be of the scale.

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Another form of advertising really. Can't expect anything less.

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Y'all in this thread raise some really good issues but I'd love to point out for just a second how good this movie was.

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The moment you ever see any parade or protest with preprinted (professionally produced) signs or banners, you know this is being paid for by somebody. In this case, MasterCard spent thousands of dollars to design that, print it out, and probably had to pay somebody to walk it in the parade. They may have even paid for the placement in the parade.

My favorite is when a spontaneous protest erupts. Someone (Shareblue) pays for the busses, the protestors (actors), the signs, and even the media placement. If you see hundreds of preprinted protest signs that are all the same, caveat emptor. You are being sold a prepackaged news story.

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They payed someone thousands of dollars to design such a relatively simple graphic?

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You've never been a part of a marketing / graphics design team, have you? That graphic with the rainbow took a team at least a week and three drafts to complete for the customer. Guarantee that hashtag went through a focus group.

Our business gets a minor revision to its logo about once every two years (one year it was a gradient color from top to bottom, the next year it was a solid color with a border, the next time it was a font change). We all get new shirts and new business cards. They have to throw out 9/10 of a box of business cards with the old logo. They cost the company $250 per person. We have 1000 employees.

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Yeah, its such a complete waste of money. Those stupid Bourgeoisie Banksters