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I prefer "Let's Go Bully The Queers", but this one is actually pretty based.

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At some point queer lost its slur status. We need to get it back.

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Make Queer A Slur Again (MQASA).

EDIT: put a G where the S is supposed to be. Because I was a wee bit drunk.

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Seriously tho, all jokes aside.. clearly, all the problems seemingly start at 'T'.

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They should just change the t to a p since all the t's keep getting busted for child porn and child molesting.

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Let's Go Brandon

t. Q

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Definitive proof rightoids are all fags

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There are lots of gay dudes on the right. The leader of the proud boys ( I think it was the proud boys) was a gay, Cuban, fbi informant. We have the gays without mental illness and mental weakness, mental illness is more a of lefty thing. There's got to be a screw loose if you can't see through all the buzzwords, propoganda, and bs. It's remarkable, the left will literally repeat contradictory point after contradictory point and never connect the dots, and when you put logic, fact, and reason on the table they rage quit immediately. I guess that's why 2+2=R4C15M over there on the left.

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There's no such thing as a gay without mental illness and weakness, you're just rationalising this to yourself. In reality you're being worked by the most obvious faggot grifters.

If you want something done the mainstream and the 'alt news' etc spheres IE the right are NOT going to get it done, they're just going to talk about it so you feel better. If you want real change you need to find revolutionary nationalists, like Patriot Front and National Justice Party who actually do real work for their communities and fight politically rather than grift millions of dollars from dummies who thinks there's such a thing as a 'good paedophile without mental illness and weakness'.

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I see the homos on the right in the same vein as bugchasers in the getting off on self-destruction.

See you get people like Nick Fuentes and his crowd and sometimes they say things we like just on the virtue of how corrupt the current culture is however they will always view the dominant power as something to tease.

When we get to power they'll go back to just transgressing against the cultural standards that we'll produce.