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I used to be appalled by dehumanizing language such as "shitskins".

But so many African-descended individuals behave like subhuman monsters I just don't know anymore. They suffer few consequences for their violence and we're all supposed to believe (and recite) that their bestial behavior is the fault of "white supremacy".

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Clearly not all African-descended individuals are subhuman monsters, just like all white people are not racist oppressors, and not all homosexuals want to fuck your kids. Wokists and racists have one thing in common: everything is about race (identity politics more broadly) to them, and they are foaming at the mouth zealots who can only paint in overly broad generalizations because that is all their feeble minds can comprehend

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Yeah, I realize this. But I hate how we're supposed to bow down to all African-descended individuals even when they are clearly monsters.

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When several million African/Middle Eastern migrants have entered Europe in recent years, over 90% of which young men of military age, there will be a significant number of individuals who are not of good character. I'd suggest that those with Ill-intent likely a high percentage of those who arrive and settle. There are too many monsters amongst the migrants not to be concerned.

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90% of which young men of military age

I don't understand how this has become acceptable. Do border security personnel no longer carry guns?

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The French sell them dinghies and the sail across the English Channel, escorted to our waters by the French coastguard. We then 'rescue' them, or they land in a random location along the coastline.

Asylum seekers are supposed to seek refusing the first country they arrive in, so I guess this confirms France is an unsafe country. But these aren't really asylum seekers, they film themselves throwing their passports into the Channel because they know they will be given free stuff on their arrival, and free reign to rape and pillage the innocents who don't want them here.

I'm surprised that the citizens of England haven't armed themselves and began patrolling the border themselves in some form of localised militia, because our government isn't stopping them.

Millions of young men entering Europe are not refugees, this is an invasion force and we are being occupied.

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Yeah, that's all basically as I imagined. It's extremely sad and unfortunate. We (the "developed" or "western" world) are squandering every advantage our ancestors fought to get us, under the erroneous theory that it's undeserved "privilege."

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Agreed. The citizens deserve a say, but are being given no choice. Housing prices are no longer 4x a persons salary like in the 90's, it 10x a persons salary. Utterly unaffordable thanks to these deviants and criminals taking our land and earnings from us. Every privilege earned is a privilege deserved, fuck those who would take it from us.

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That's depressing. My house was a little under 2x my annual salary. That world is "gone with the wind," I guess, and people have just resigned themselves to everything continually getting worse.

9/11/01 was a huge turning point. That's when this notion of ratcheting "new normals" became acceptable. To France's credit, I remember a certain reluctance to go along with some of it.

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I can hardly imagine the ability to buy a house at just 2x an annual salary in the UK. Even on very comfortable income, my best bet now is to plan to buy abroad and continue renting here. Between me and my partner, we could probably build a decent size house on a nice patch of land in Eastern Europe for around 2x our salary. Or maybe an apartment by the beach in the Mediterranean. You are right, I guess resigning oneself to things only getting worse has become the norm because I really don't see us staying here forever...

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All African descended and not Africans. So the Americanized nigga-fied version of Africa is the true Africa and not what Africa is now. A shitshow. Hell, the only decent one there was Botswana, not the worst place to live there.

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A useless statement. Statistics are a thing. Africans are genetic monsters that have no place in Europe or Western civilisation.

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Something to consider: Africans who are civilised or who have potential normally don't go to Europe or North America. They know that those countries have shit economies and shit policies. They know they will be replaced by the next set of immigrants. So they stay in African countries or immigrate elsewhere.

European countries give away a lot of social welfare. So we get the dregs from Africa instead of the hard workers.

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Are these civilised Africans in the room with us?

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Probably not. Some of them came to Europe, but most of the one civilised ones who came intend to go back.

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The dregs are better. The dregs redpill people. No Jew ad campaign can obscure the dregs.

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Sounds a lot like Sweden now.

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Sweden, like Canada, is completely fucked.

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Germany too.

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Our ancestors would spit on us for letting things get so bad.

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Why do successful blacks live in white neighborhoods?

Because they’re smart.

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Their children will regress to the African mean and turn those affluent neighborhoods into no-go zones. "Good blacks" are a trojan horse. There are no good blacks.

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Of course those black kids will regress. The media encourages their regression, and so too will the white liberal kids.

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It has nothing to do with that. It's genetics. Black behavior is the same all over the globe, even in their homelands of Africa. This is not an environmental issue they are just a million years behind in terms of evolution.

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The epitome of the useful idiot.

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I was just talking about this with the wife last night, it's a serious concern, although they probably won't all be raped to death, they will be "comfort women" for the Russo-Sino alliance.

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Both the Russians and the Chinese aren't really into the emasculation of males and homo stuff.

Comfort women are a Japanese thing as well.

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No, discomfort women.

For Russian and Chinese men who like to be treated bad.

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I'm gonna be controversial here. I can see why some people are against women voting.

For the record, I'm against both sexes voting.

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Yeah, I don't see why democracy is never subjected to any scrutiny. It's just assumed to be mandatory.

Democracy is seen as this liberating, empowering thing. Bitch, letting 50.01% of the population tell me what to do at gunpoint sure doesn't feel all that liberating from my end.

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Democracy can only work if the majority of people are well educated, the education system teachers skills instead of ideology, the media tells the truth or at least presents more than two sides of every argument, and the government is transparent. But even then, this is not eternal. The media, the government and the education system can always get subverted. Should one of these institutions get subverted, the other two well. Suddenly, democracy stops working, because most people are stupid now.

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Using the 'Queen of Frump' to make any point surely loses some effect, no?