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LG TV: doesn't complain about the inaccuracy of the lesbian porn you watch

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..maybe that’s a bad thing since AmericanMuskrat will masturbate himself to destruction and then demand the lesbians accept him as one of them as his niece does the same thing with her gay porn.

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Yikes. Outside the rainbow bubble, try to act like a human being, k.

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You don't read anyone's comments properly, do you.

Must be like living in a parallel universe to the rest of us.

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I’be seen you around before. You share the same flaws as the gender criticals.

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lol Did you just randomly find this comment, completely unrelated to the conversation you tried to start with me on another post simply because you felt embarrassed by the dressing down you got when you engaged me on, again, a completely different post?

And this is your desperate attempt at refuting...what exactly? This is more pitiful than a 6 year old child's pettiness. At least they have age as an excuse. What's yours?

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I literally did understand your mangled other points and found it super funny you are so triggered. Made my day.

Do you ever actually make a point?

I wanted to comment here because I remember AM said his niece's friend was trans, not his niece. This is what I mean by you being an idiot unable to read.

But carry on, it's all entertaining.

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lol Did you just randomly find this comment

it's a pretty cozy site, not hard to read everything on s/all and s/new. I checked back here cause I noticed the comment count had increased on this post. It's not like reddit where we're in a sea of random faces.

I’be seen you around before

She's the user with the most karma on Saidit. I should hope you recognize her after being here 9 months.

And this is your desperate attempt at refuting...what exactly?

She's right. I've been here a while too and I talk about my life. You did get the totally wrong take and Jet called you out on it.

Now call everyone homophobic! Lol.

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It's executehomophobes alt, I thought I made him disappear

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Can confirm as I own a 50 inch LG tv.

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Can confirm as I own a 50 inch LGBT +