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Sadly, this made me think of the quote:

“You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain”

Also, sad, was reading the comments on r/JoeRogan where I found it, some of those people are lost

........ which, BTW, side note, I HATE sourcing material from reddit for saidit, it seems like it is sacrilegious to do that! lol

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They're not lying. Rock and roll is about inciting rebellion against the healthy and stable norms of society. Like marriage, and Parenthood, etc. They'll wreck those institutions if possible.

The Hollywood cultists belong to a cabal, and that cabal has a puppet in office.

Media outsiders who point out the hypocrisy (like Norm Macdonald, and possibly Bob Saget) get murdered by the jab.

Neil got the saline.

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How much sleep Spotify is gonna lose over this one:

Fuck you Neil.

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True. But it isn't about him.

You see, Neil is virtue signaling. What Neil is doing is what many good leftists do, he's placing a call(phone a friend style).

Spotify gives less than two shits about a washed up hippie. But let's say multiple artists respond with, "yeh we care about this social justice cause too, more than your racist free speech", well it becomes a much easier choice for Spotify.

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A lot of liberals are still under the notion that if everyone would just get the vaccine things would be normal again. That's what their news tells them.

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AmericanMuskrat 5 insightful - 1 fun - 4 hours ago A lot of liberals are still under the notion that if everyone would just get the vaccine things would be normal again. That's what their news tells them.

The first sentence from the link:

Neil Young only wants to keep on rocking in the reality based world.

Fuck you CNN! A reality based world? You should be a dead media outlet like gawker as you are nothing but a shill infested deceitful agitprop for the liberal media elite

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Wow! I could have sworn he had died a few years ago. Mandela Effect!

Meanwhile, as of yesterday and last night I have some more exciting freedom-music-related news to share.

1) Related to this little list I created a few days ago: I have Windsor Freedom Rally core team permission and support to develop these ideas further.

2) A MAJORLY HUGE protest idea Winton and I came up with yesterday that will be among my first LeverMind videos, if not the first. I was planning on 3, but now it's 4 to start. I need to find the time and focus.

3) I had another music-video-related epiphany, ironically the morning Rob got squished by a video game. More on this later.

I will have to draft all of these up properly to explain the concepts clearly, to ask some folks for feedback, and to organize as projects and/or productions.

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I saw a cat get run over by a car once and I just thought it was the most beautiful sound. I have been trying to emulate it ever since.


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Crazy. Just crazy

I'll be honest I've never heard, or at least actively sought to listen to something by her. So I have no clue if her music is supposed to mimic the shrieks of dying cats, it's just frigging weird.

But, if she controls Lennon's music, that'll be something.

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I think of it as dolphin noises hahhaaa

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nobody told a joke stupdi ass.

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Quit hating Ed. The market is recovering, it's gonna be alright.

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jet199 4 insightful - 3 fun - 17 minutes ago Found a meme Imgur

Hahaha. Thats a good one XD

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The hippie became the authoritarian. Seems that all the people who were once a hippie became communists. What a surprised.

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Not all of us.

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You are the rare one.

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In many ways.

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A drug abuser wants everyone else to suffer drug abuse. Thanks Neil!

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Apparently he's a scientologist too.

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those guys don't disagree with the gov much

do they

edit: found no proof that this is so.. however

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"I ain't singing for Pesi. I ain't singing for Coke. But I'm singing for Pfizer, my bank account's no joke."

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Rock & Roll was dead by the time the Sex Pistols rolled onto the scene in... Was that 1976?

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I don't know who Joe Rogan is, but I can live without Neil Young.

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He was on NewsRadio with Dave Foley of Kids in the Hall, Phil Hartman of SNL, Andy Dick who is why Phil is dead, Stephen Root, Jon Lovitz, Vicky Lewis, Maura Tierney, and Khandi Alexander. Fantastic show.

He also hosted Fear Factor for years.

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No, Neil was in the Buffalo Springfield and CSNY, and I guess is part of the super-group The Facebook Fact-Checkers.

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He said he didn't know who Joe Rogan was.

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Neil was quite good-looking back in the day.

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Neil just wants to be relevant again..Spotify isn't loosing sleep over this has been

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Kneel Not-So-Young sold out/off 50% of his catalog to cash in while its still worth something recently, like we didn't know he was already an ass then..?

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The guy is presumably senile. He would have to be to expect demanding Spotify chose between him and Joe Rogan would elicit any response other than "On your bike then whatsyourname".

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Is it though? Endless Sunflowers. :)

Why rebel, when there is no reason anymore?

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the end result of this will be that people will now ask "neil who"?

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Rock and roll has always been about adhering to traditions. In fact, PUNK is an acronym for Public & United New Kansas, because that's apparently a state.

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Also, I feel bad but not really because I think Neil is being played for a fool by his handlers or his masters in the freemasons or some nefarious thing like that.

I think this is about Rogan's interview with Robert Malone, because that thing is fire for the mind. If we use the analogy that Frank Zappa made about the trappings of the theater we're in concealing the prison that it is (sorry, I don't have his exact quotes), then that interview not only blows down the theater furniture and decorations but shows the prison to be made of paper and lies. No wonder they are all calling to remove Rogan.

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I think Neil is being played for a fool by his handlers

Interesting idea. To what end?

My Boomer 75 year old Mom and Dad (had he lived) would have been the propaganda targets of Neil's content and as HUUUUUGE fans of his they would have been on board with the authoritarian bullshit.

A fool to us, a hero to them.

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To the same end as all the other people calling for Spotify to dump Rogan, to silence Rogan.

My reasoning is this: Young can not have any real opinion on Rogan. If he heard him, how could he have a problem with him? Rogan's interviews are great, but not shocking, not edgy, not anything that should bother anyone. So, what is motivating him? Is he so stupid and reactionary that Don Lemon or the real "fear factory" got him off his couch and motivated him on his own to demand Spotify choose between them? It strikes me as very odd.

I don't think I'm giving Young too much credit, or expressing disappoint in him. I'm just thinking that he is being moved by the same forces that are moving all these other idiots clamoring for censorship.

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Yes. A pawn in the propaganda war to train you to stay in line remain in fear, especially fear of truths.