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This one's interesting. I wasn't entirely sure why there was so much hostility out there. I mean, why is it so important 100% of Americans are vaccinated when we're getting the delta variant from 70% unvaccinated India. We live in a global community and the world is never going to be 100% vaccinated.

I guess I'd be mad too if I was still locked down like a chump.

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"Don't put your dick in crazy."

I might make an exception in this case.

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I just disagree with the Graphene thing.
It looks like a Red Herring to me.

The 99% graphene stroy is just a speculation, not based on reality.
The researchers found some traces that might be graphene, but they were not certain.
The patent does not mean that they are using it now, they have other tech already.
Graphene is mainly used now for filters, So if it is found at all, it may be from the filters.

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Ironically, the overwhelming majority of people dying to COVID are the unvaccinated, because vaccines are still highly effective against the Delta varient.

The unvaccinated make up less than 35% of the United States, but over 90% of the deaths. The Covid patients are begging for the vaccine right before they get put on a ventilator to die.

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This is propaganda.

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Indeed. Pro-vax propaganda is all over the news and the numbers.
You are not even allowed to post about vaccine injuries or its effectiveness, and this never happened for any other vaccine.
And if you can look past the censorship you can see failures of epic proportions.

The vaccine only seems to work because it temporary boosts the antibodies and kills the weak.
So on the short time it seems to work (for the survivors).
Immediately one could notice that previously immune people were catching Covid after the covax.
In several nations they also started in spring to catch the seasonal lowering.

This same statistical tricks are used for other toxic medicine, like Remdesivir.
The goal of a company (Big Pharma) is to sell big time, and not to cure people.

The vaccine does not work, because it creates a Antibody Dependency Enhancement.
I think this is even by design, because the never worked in the animal trials either. It is not a standard vaccine, but a genetic trick box using experimental untested technologies.

In a 100% vaccinated country Gibraltar, with a healthy population, the vaccine causes the covid cases and covid hospitalized to rise. This is a clear indication that it is failing big time.
We see the same trend in every country.

Everyone still believing in the covax is brainwashed or a shill.

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No, it's just the truth. The vaccine reduces your chances of getting COVID-19, and the rare breakthrough cases are much less severe.

You can look at the data: it's not propaganda, it's objective reality.

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The vaccine reduces your chances of getting COVID-19


Purportedly the vaccine is supposed to reduce symptoms, allegedly.

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Everywhere. This is common knowledge for a year+. Look it up.

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So it's common knowledge, but there's also a media conspiracy to cover it up so there's no evidence? Lol what?

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Well maybe tell them the truth? That they clearly already have the vaccine inside them! And give them some boiled eggs for gosakes!

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The Truth that the overwhelming majority of COVID patients are unvaccinated despite being a minority of the population?

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overwhelming majority of COVID patients are unvaccinated

I'll bite. Show us your propaganda proof.

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You shared the same link. Didn't impress me then, doesn't impress me now.

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Because you have no argument against the numbers.

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Your sources will never be good enough for me and mine won't be for you.

The game is to throw out a bunch of numbers and narratives to keep everyone confused and fighting while they collapse the population, the economy, and life as we know it so they can build it back up.

Recognize this or don't.

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You don't have any sources. You have unverified anecdotes and personal feelings.

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is catching the virus maybe a teensie bit the same functionality of the vaccine minus reflexive immune boosters?

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Nope, because catching the virus provides billions of opportunities for the virus to mutate and has a higher mortality rate, while also endangering those around because you're contagious.

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Your name makes you seem like a child raping rabbi.

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And why would an active mrna virus with furin cleavage (evasion) not also have precisely the same potential for mutation?

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The vaccine can't mutate. Scientists literally print it from a template.