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Reminds me.of the old Bill Hicks joke

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My friend's sister just died from it. Diabetic and overweight. Second person I know now. First one had diabetes, obesity, and breathing issues. Two ain't exactly a plague, but they both had families who will miss them.

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Sad they did not give her Ivermectin or Budesonide. She could easily have survived.

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She didn't get medical attention.

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This meme, but accurate, would be a guy who has been hanging out under a pop-up canopy all afternoon insisting it wasn't raining because he hasn't gotten wet yet.

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Crazy 'ol doomer uncle Fedi.

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hanging out under a pop-up canopy all afternoon insisting it wasn't raining because he hasn't gotten wet yet.

You're not making any sense. Two doses of the injectable experimental mRNA therapy probably wasn't enough for you.

Go get a couple more of those experimental injections, and come back so you try again (after you recover).

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Look, kids may only suffer <1% of the time, but we should vacc them ALL, just in case!! - fauc today

He wants to vacc 9 year olds against it... look at the case count for their age ranges.

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Given that kids are basically immune to the real virus, I'm curious what you think the danger of giving the kids a vaccine is. Are they gonna mutate fake limbs? And if you acknowledge that the biggest ordeal is getting a shot, then why do you think it's a big deal?

Also, you understand that part of the reason people that aren't at major risk are avoiding infection is to protect those that do, right? And also that schoolkids are a major infection vector because for schools that have opened back up like you guys want they get in close proximity with hundreds of kids for hours a day, and then take home whatever they happened to pick up. It's a major source of spread.

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Dad, it's basically a federation now, I'm kinda like captain kirk, hiding in the anals taking pictures check these out they're Kel's friends buttholes!