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I am actually curious how this happened.
It is like a global mass psychosis.
It seems organized by the WHO and other international organisations.

Did the top-scientists shit in their pants after seeing Bill Gates?
Or did they get an offer they could not refuse?
Did the governments get money (that Belarus refused)?
Did the media determine the direction as directed by Rothchild?
Did the whole US bend the knee for China?

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Did the top-scientists

What do you think this is, ancient India? Modern scientists have no power.

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Only if their science fits the narrative of the powerful. It has always been this way, think Galileo Galilei, the founder of the scientific method.

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Exactly. You can find shit from the 80s and 90s that totally underplays the role of sugary drinks in obesity and a whole whack of "studies" saying that shit.

Progressives have no problem decrying the evils of pharma companies but when the same pharma companies release a study saying that all children should take their drugs so they can decide their gender they swallow it wholesale.

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It's because people are scared, thanks to a hysterical media. And being scared makes a person accept things they would not otherwise accept.

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It's like modern India and we're the hot girl on the bus.

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    Why not start with: what global power wants communism? That should narrow it down real quick... if you could name one.

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      Ha. Of course. But aren't they stereotyped as raging capitalists?

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      Schiffs gave Trotsky 20 million (of 1917 dollars) for the October revolution. It's a great illustration of the relation between banksters and communists. In capitalism they own the very process of creating money from thin air, have tremendous numbers of their people in politics (either of the tribe o subservient goyim) and administration, media, education, big business, and some other things. But in communism they literary own the entire country. The fairytale of freedom and equality quickly became a thing of the past in USSR, when jewish bolsheviks took power. Soon after anyone willing or capable (and especially both) to oppose them, was killed or worked to death in labor camps (gulag), farmers who didn't want to just give away their land were starved to death (all of their grain destroyed – they had nothing to sow – Holodomor). The communist revolution was just a coup.

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      Seems like the powerful figured out a while ago that owning everything is unnecessary.

      I have no doubt they want to own more, and control more. But they're very well on track for that, and there doesn't seem to be any resistance to speak of on the horizon.

      But to get where they want to be, they have to first switch global capitalism over to global communism? When everything is already going their way. And when they are openly hostile, and successful in putting down anyone who calls themselves communist or socialist anywhere in the world. And very busy and very successful in convincing the masses that communism and socialism are literally Satan.

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      I don't think they'll attempt another overt coup. Since The Long March is such a success, they just need to keep obliterating any competition, so there's literary nothing to buy, that's not made by a big jew megacorp.

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      I wanna be sure I understand... we're abandoning the communism part of this now?

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      da juice, obviously. They been subverting the whole world for a century, and now they are just going forward with the same old, same old plan as ever. Doing mighty fine with it too.

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      Ok, let's say it's the Ju Virus... how are Jus promoting communism?

      And why?

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      It's their religion: slavery for us (communism) and ownership for them.

      Here's proof from the kikes' mouths, starting at 14:00

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      the fear, blaring phone alarms, constant TV with blaring low frequency noises, all put people into a state of fear. They then implanted the programming. Its pretty classic, recruit your target's ego to do all the heavy lifting.

      Did the top-scientists shit in their pants

      nope, they are still publishing data, in major journals, it is just being utterly ignored.

      Did the governments get money

      They have been given free reign to print whatever they want, and promised a place in the NWO

      Did the media determine the direction

      In NZ< they were simply bought, $30million direct payment, with 200k to FB to disappear a major political threat (advanceNZ)

      Did the whole US bend the knee for China?

      This isn't about China, its is about the NWO. China is playing its part to have a seat at the table

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      blaring phone alarms

      You get covid alarms on your phone? I turned off emergency alerts, maybe that's why I don't see them.

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      In NZ, they got us twice, at 10.30pm and 6.30am (waking my kids up), to let us know that they were 'changing the loickdown status' of auckland. After a massive push to tell us already that day.

      So I now have mine turned off, too.

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      The amber and silver alerts got me. Honestly they should just show up in the notification bar quietly instead of blaring. My phone suddenly blares a warning tone and it better be ww3 and nukes are in their air. Flash flood warning is also acceptable. My phone can violently grab my attention if not looking at my phone might cause me to die. Otherwise it can fuck the hell right off.

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      disasters better be disasters

      absolutely. Incoming Tsunami or nukes, and I don't mind, but the government abusing the system destroyed it. I'd rather drown that put up with that psychological abuse

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        blaring noises, flashing lights, and "auckland is going into level 4 lockdown". yawn.

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        Source. So much source.

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        They creep.

        They just do it step by step, slowly.

        And they always act horrified they have to do it. So sorry they have to take every single step but apparently they have no choice.

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        Q: How?

        A: 99% controlled narrative.

        Ironically a third of us can still see the bullshit.

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        islam has formed an alliance with both china and lgbt.. soon, you will only be allowed to leave your home if you have converted to islam.

        after the majority of the world population has converted to islam, islam will dissolve it's alliance with china and lgbt.

        executions of lgbt will resume now.

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        I'm burnt out on mentions of "#sCiEnCe!".

        The people who shout it from the top of their lungs are the ones who least understand or appreciate what science is. Instead, they have a religious-like faith put into perceived authority, and cover it with the term "science".

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        You're confusing SCIENTISM for science.


        A blind faith dogma in the benevolence of corporations making obscene profits from their allegedly safe but very secret and privatized so-called "science".

        Authentic science is a transparent discovery and open verification process (not settled) of elimination based on a hypothesis. Since many factors may corrupt this process it must be openly verifiable to eliminate junk science from legitimate results.

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        You know the stakes are high when the username is redacted

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