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The spergy way you people do it is the problem. Look at Jared Taylor's videos on bitchute, and control F the word "Jew" and other various gamer words. A normie could be looking at his videos and begin to be swayed our way, but all he would have to do is scroll down to undo all that good work.

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I dont think most normies mind criticism of Jews so long as its not overly crass and childish, like joking about the holocaustTM or making fun of their appearance etc. As long as you are making legitimate points and discussing say Jewish control of the media, most are receptive. Those that object typically do so either because they are Jewish themselves, or afraid of Jewish power, which itself is an indication that they are already somewhat J pilled. Far Lefties in particular are much more receptive to criticism of Jews than boomercons are, and I think its only a matter of time before the woke left turn on Jews.

The type of Jewish behavior we criticize is offensive to just about anyone, so suppressing this criticism is only possible through censorship and the threat of punishment, which ironically only serves to further validate the criticism.