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There's a reason why they always talk about how BeAutifuL their dark skin is. They're insecure and feel inferior.

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The question is how much of that comes from indoctrination. I suppose BLM couldn't have gotten this much attention if the bigger area under the bell-curve of people didn't believe it. So i suppose there is at least some indoctrination or directed education going on here.

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The difference is that BLM believe society causes whites to have an advantage. KKK believes white people are genetically superior.

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The trouble is when you say society is evil because it expects people to turn up on time and to be able to do basic sums and black kids can't do that then it is the same thing no matter how much you deny it with pretty words

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This is a generalization. Even if it applies to most black folk, which I doubt it does, it's still a generalization, and language like this is what furthers a divide between people.

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*The poor

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This is more accurate, but still, a generalization

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KKK had no clue about genetics, in fact genetics weren't even known by the time KKK was founded.

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I'd like to point out that the colloquial meaning of the word was still very much known, just not the mechanical specifics of whether or not inheritance was protein-based or not.

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The word was basically coined into its contemporary meaning just about 100 years ago, in 1908. KKK was founded in 1865.

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Mendel published his first paper in 1865. I think Mendel is generally considered the creator of the scientific study of genetics.

It's not like people didn't know about genetics before Mendel, though. Mendel was just the first to study and publish rigorous and detailed laws about it. Vague ideas about genetics and inheritance were understand long before that. You can find tales in the Icelandic Sagas about certain bloodlines having superior genes to others.

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Exactly. Next time, I will be more careful with my words and perhaps use "biologically superior" rather than genetically. But, whoops, biology wasn't discovered until the XX00s.

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That is not a valid argument because genetics have been known about since the beginning of human kind. Humans have always known that two persons from different regions of Earth are different.

Genetics in this case doesn't mean that persons of the 1800s knew the knowledge of a modern-day science text.

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If you said "genetics" to them, they'd have no clue what you're talking about. Even most people 100 years ago wouldn't know, since it'd be a fairly new word back then.

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There you go again arguing over vocabulary. If you said the word, "rubber," to someone 2,000 years ago, they wouldn't understand you either. That doesn't mean they don't understand what rubber is. Come back when you have a real point to add.

Clarification: people since the dawn of man have understood that if a white woman copulates with a black man, their children will be a mix of these two people--not white, nor black. This rudimentary understanding of genetics is still... genetics.

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That doesn't mean they don't understand what rubber is

Actually does mean, since they'd not understand what it is. It wasn't a thing until Mr Goodyear figured out how to vulcanize it, and the process still isn't 100% perfect, since over time rubber either becomes brittle or turns into goo.

people since the dawn of man have understood that if a white woman copulates with a black man

No, people until recently and still some don't understand the cause-effect of even sex and pregnancy, nor inherited traits. It was / is thought of some divine bullshit.

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yawn What would people 2000 years ago say about the words, "dihydrogen monoxide?"

I think you get the point.

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Point is, rubbery stuff didn’t exist. That’s why even the word rubbery describes the material, which hasn’t been around that long.

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I don't think they assume it's just a quirk, some random coincidence that society just favored whites as the majority and could just as easily been a black majority instead. I've never heard that anyways. So, that really goes back to the same thing.

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It's not a random coincidence, black people were persecuted for centuries and that had major impact on their culture and population.

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While I don't believe one race is superior to another, it is also crazy to think that we are all the same genetically.

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The people that deny the existence of gender are the same people who deny the existence of race. Apparently, humans are just blank slates :)

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"I identify as a black man." --a white female

Welcome to 2020.

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Of course we're not. Even the medical community agrees that certain races are susceptible to certain afflictions. Given that, everyone of every race should be treated with the same amount of respect because we all know the difference between right and wrong. Exception granted for those murderers on Sentinel Island.

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Unironically, the same political party behind both.

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This is actually pretty damn good.

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Original Democrats vs current Democrats. They have so much in common. Was Trail of tears, now BurnLootMurder