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I don't understand how any reasonable person could be for China without being paid to do so.

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Being against US military intervention in Ethiopia is the stance of all reasonable people. The only ones who support interference are neocons. The same people who couldn't even win against goat fuckers in Afghanistan.

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You want China to take them over without anyone firing a shot! How is that reasonable? The US is commiting limited resources to disrupt a hostile takeover. It's a very measured response with a big payoff relative to the expense. It benefits the US. Long term it benefits Ethiopia to get China out of there.

The only party that benefits from what you want is China.

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Ching chong

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Oh really. What's the payoff? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

They think it's worth it because they're playing the game of thrones. With our money. $2 trillion in Afghanistan, and for what? These morons literally can't beat men whose idea of a date on Friday night is a barnyard animal.

Yeah I realize I'm arguing with a troll. Nobody else actually thinks this. No Americans, anyway.