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I feel it highly likely that 'cultural marxism' is indeed a psyop designed to play off of mans ignorance of ideology.

That's a perfect way to summarize what I'm trying to get at. This is exactly what I think is true.

I like "cultural dissimulation" a lot, that's a great phrase, especially because it's creating anti-harmonious "dissimilarities" in the culture. It might be a bit overly-complex for the average person though. Maybe we could call it "cultural distortion" or "cultural corruption"? I like terms like that because even though they sound a bit "punchy" they convey the meaning without having to learn the definition separately. I think this expedites the spread of the idea, when people can immediately grasp what it means just by the name.

I applaud this post, though 'cultural marxism' isn't the only terminology meriting restoration of logos.

Definitely agree, there are hundreds of examples in our language of misleading or biased phraseology that is designed to shape public opinion and thus public behaviors.

It's interesting what you say about neo-, I agree with that completely. "neo" just seems to be a way to rebrand any existing ideology in the framework of globalist corporatism. And I still don't know what to make of the Wachowski sisters thing, it strikes me similar to the Chelsea Manning situation. Did someone get to them, or did they get to themselves? I've always wondered what happened there. Perhaps it is a form of divide and conquer, to divide a person even amongst their own self, so they are constantly in-fighting. This disempowers them on an individual level that reflects then to how the society treats the individual as well.

Can you imagine a divide and conquer technique so powerful it not only divides democrats versus republicans, or blacks versus whites, but even half of yourself versus the other half of yourself? Talk about immobilizing. I think the epidemic of depression might serve a similar purpose. Mental illness causes instability, and instability makes things easier to compromise.