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Certain terms that are very useful get "overwritten" by other terms that are homonyms, but are more emotionally salient.

It think it's more a case of . It's the language evolving through culture.

  • The shades of grey/double entendre (or as I like to call it: The Freudian Cigar) it's a case of ignoring the giggles or the urge to say 'No it's not ...' or 'I mean the ... meaning not the ... ' because usually it's pretty clear you don't. Like the episode comically put out: Everything can be related to sex if you just think long and hard about it.

  • The trump thing is probably the reason the Drumph (was it?) family changed their name to Trump.

People are afraid to say the thing that comes to mind, lest it be misconstrued as something else because of all the overlaid double-meanings that so many words have come to have because of things being popularized in the media.

That would be people who are afraid to say homo, because apparently they can only see heaps of dicks and man-sex when using it while it's a commonly used Latin word meaning equal.

But on a more serious note, this overwriting of language because of media memes out of fear for social standing is a symptom of a broken society that watches too much crap rather than it being the cause or some sort of media masterplan. People who work 9-5 (or longer) and spend their free time passively watching 'crap' while their brains think they are somehow socially interacting with these voices/images on the screen. Apart from that dystopian imagery, it's (like in you OK video) a natural think for language to change according to culture changes, too bad media has become culture.

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Good points.

too bad media has become culture.

Media has always been culture. The problem is that the people no longer make the media, the corporations do. That's why we need to make our own culture. That's why I do podcasts, write articles, and why I built saidit

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Media has always been culture.

I agree, but it used to be a part of culture, made through/by culture and not dictating it.

That's why we need to make our own culture. That's why I do podcasts, write articles, and why I built saidit

I see what you mean and really do appreciate it all. I only think that culture is something much more local, but these things (and internet 'culture') are a good replacement of mainstream media and dull entertainment.

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Yes, the people in the elites are seeking to use hypersensitization to force people into using the language that they want people to use. They are also making us normalized towards many kinds of violence too. Basically political correctness is in a way cultural genocide. If you haven't seen it, I suggest you read this shower thought of mine involving language:

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I generally agree.

They are also making us normalized towards many kinds of violence too.

I went to Germany and went on this castle tour, the guide was talking about how Germany was such a militaristic culture in the late 1890s that the Christmas trees even had tiny silver cannons as ornaments. It's a small detail, but thousands of cultural details like that add up and normalize things like war in the minds of the people living that culture.

It's really fascinating and subtle.

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Yeah. I know what are you saying, the decline of language. English is not of my first language, I never watched "King of the Hill", and I know the same thing happening in every kind of language I know.

The reason for the decline of language is the decline of the first caregiver. (With less of political correctness: the decline of motherhood)Because the number of words we can use depends on the first caregiver used how much time to the baby, so you can find out that children from low SES status parents can talk fewer words. (you can google the research of it)And the government and society used a lot of ways to replace the traditional motherhood.

Since the lower and lower total vocabulary numbers they can talk, they have to use more double entendres to replace the words they can talk. And it's not a secret that when animals and plants stressed, they don't care about the quality of offspring but mating/looking mating for immediately. That's the over sexualize shit.

By the way, I hope no feminist in here read this. And this site called "SAIDIT", right?

The 50 shits of Grey is awful.

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Interesting theory, it makes a fair deal of sense.

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That how I explain this phenomenon. Ironically, I using English for typing now.


And the guy who invented the term "Autism" believed autism is cause by "lack of caring mothers".

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That makes a lot of sense in this world of latchkey kids and 2 working parents

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I spied the community of Autism parents many years ago, it very horrible inside, they discussed "how to abuse your child" there.

And groups of Autism parents funded research of Autism genes. It's BS if the reason is genetic, how could the numbers of Autism children skyrocketing in recent years? But abuse is not the only factor since I saw someone abused by their parents didn't get autism, but depression, genes should be a part of it. The most comment statement of them is "We found proof that Autism is nothing to do with parenting", it's a very common LIE, there's NO research proofed Autism is NOT related with the parenting.

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It's BS if the reason is genetic, how could the numbers of Autism children skyrocketing in recent years?

Could be epigenetic, theoretically. But who knows. "autism" is so broad it's probably 20 different things caused by 20 different factors

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I have another theory to explain the decline of almost everything in the human recently: Cause by the antibiotics and electric power.

In the era without antibiotics and electric power, parents have to use far much time than nowadays to take care of children, if the child has a little bit of health problem, temperature, bacteria, and viruses would kill the child, is the temperature, bacteria, and viruses remove the "individuals with little problems " from the human gene pool. They polish the human gene pool by killing ~50% of children in the era without antibiotics.

After human removed these factors, the quality of life and health in the human will be...


Off topic, the mod of raddle must be mad for how you "kick" people into saidit.LOL.

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Me, freshly beyond reddit, surprised this old post is still active. If saidit was like reddit, it would be archived.

Not sure if my comment is off topic, it's about 'double entendre' in which the original meaning has been apparently superseded by its opposite. My main gripe in this mode is "incredible". Not griping about confusion with Pixar animated video, but the very popular distorted meaning "favorably impressive", as in "this (item described) is so marvelous, you won't believe it!" This usage is very common in Epoch Times advertisements; seems to me this adjective is undesirable for application to a "controversial" news source.

An older version of this is just confusing, "sanction" because the Law senses (4, 5, meaning 'condamn') are the opposite of the "common senses" (LoL) (1..3), which make more sense due to the origin "sanctified" meaning blessed.