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Really good show; you come off as knowledgeable, calm, and open to other perspectives. Lots of good info about stuff I didn't know!

Something I thought of while listening: The way I understand asphyxia, after about 3 minutes a person loses consciousness. When a person loses consciousness, every muscle relaxes and goes absolutely limp. There have been cases in which a person is alone and choking on something, passes out, muscle relaxation will cause the obstructing object to dislodge (if it is not wedged), and they wake up breathing on the floor. Wouldn't suicide using a doorknob to asphyxiate require a constant force to obstruct the airway? At some point the victim would pass out before death, removing that force. I don't have any idea how it was set up but thought I would throw that out there.

Anyway, awesome interview!

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Your description is correct as I understand it. However toward the end of those 3 minutes your body will panic and you will stand up. Getting past that threshhold would take the person either being intoxicated in some way, or an extreme amount of dedication.

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However toward the end of those 3 minutes your body will panic and you will stand up.

That's what I mean, you either stand up or pass out, either way the airway will open and you will breathe and not die. I don't think suicide in this manner can be done, the will to live kicks in and you remove the obstruction (if your hands are free and you can reach it). To be in that state for 3 minutes and overcome the urge to breathe is beyond what most people could do. 3 minutes is an incredibly long time in that situation, and it would take 5-6 minutes to die. If the tox screens were clear, it's an incredible feat for one to manage, let alone 3 people. I've been trying to think of a scenario where this method could be successful and I can't, don't know why this stuck with me all day.

Edit: sorry for the morbid stuff on a positive post

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I agree. There was a post in the youtube comments about it being more about cutting off bloodflow to the brain, rather than cutting off oxygen via the trachea. That makes a little more sense. But still seems pretty difficult to intentionally pull off, especially when in a position where you could so easily take it off.

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NSFW text warning: I hate that I know that suicide by doorknob is indeed possible. There's a video of a young man online that I saw who committed suicide via doorknob. He livestreamed it while people watched. If memory serves he's wearing a red Nike shirt. If you're committed to going out this way it is indeed very possible to do. I remember watching his body convulse as his face reddened. It takes a few minutes but after awhile he stopped convulsing and laid dead and the blood from his face drained to the lower portions of his body. Because he livestreamed it, someone called the police and they arrived. They tried to resuscitate him but they were too late.

That being said... I absolutely agree that the string of suspicious doorknob deaths are extremely suspect. But in the effort to seek the truth, I want people to realize that a person who is indeed committed to commit suicide via hanging on a doorknob can be successful. I'm not going to link the video for obvious reasons, but it's out there if you need to see that it's possible.

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Oh wow, that's awful. Should have known that there is a vid out there, but that makes me sad. I guess I'm lucky, I've not been in a place where going out like that would be an option. And as much as I like to verify stuff, going to take your word on this one.

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I tried, as best I could, and obviously failed.

If you care to read more, it's in the comments of this episode:

FYI, after listening to that THC podcast and hearing about Bourdain's hemlock comment, I thought I'd also mention that Socrates was sentenced to drink hemlock, and that there's a big Hemlock Society that advocates for ethical humane suicide. I don't know if eugenicists have their claws in it, but I do know that many people suffer the tortures of the damned do indeed need compassionate relief and/or a way out, so I totally support the idea of informed voluntary suicide, but I don't know any practices or policies of the Hemlock Society, good or bad.

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Sam, Ryan, and I had a great chat today about Black Cube and a lot of other related topics. Hope you all enjoy!

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It was interesting seeing the connection between the cube shape and religious symbols.

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Great show, much info less wooows!

Funny how Cambrigde analytica came into MSM with BBC faking them into sayin what kind of shady stuff they could do and the BlackCube isn't even mentioned.

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Just signed up after listening to you on the Podcast.

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Glad to hear it, welcome to saidit

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Me too!

Wait, am I allowed to say "me too"?

It said "you are doing that too much. try again in 1 minute." For what? Commenting or clicking the lightbulb (which I assume is a "like").

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Yay! My favorite commutes include new episodes of my fave podsss muahahaha lol thanks!!

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Yuuuup been calling Jacksonville as a false flag since minute one

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great episode Sam and Ryan!!

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Searching for 'black cube' on duckduckgo get's you their own site, new articles about this. The same for I suggest using startpage, you can have thme proxy between sites and other neat stuff.

Edit: watched the new Ancient Aliens S13e12 and at around 18 minutes in they have an informative section about the Mecca cube and blackstone in silver, before they blast of with the aliens again as always.

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You're always great in interviews, Magnora, I hope you do more of them--or start your own podcast even. I've been following you for a while and your knowledge base and level-headed analysis just gets better and better.

Since Kate Spade was mentioned, have you found any reasons she would have been suicided? I didn't follow that story much but do find this doorknob-hanging business highly suspect.

Thanks again for the interview and for this place, which I've only just discovered.

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Thanks! You should check out this podcast interview about Kate Spade, we talk about her for like 10 mins about 1/3 of the way in:

It's not clear if she was killed as a message to someone near her (maybe David Spade even), or if she herself was doing something they wanted to stop. But of course it's also possible she may have killed herself. We will probably never know for sure.

With her's the weird stuff is just the things surrounding it, like the mask the husband wore when leaving the house the first time, seeming possible relationship with freemasonry, the red scarf from the doorknob, and a few other things. You'd probably enjoy this higherside chats episode.

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First posting on SaidIt !

I just watched this episode. I made some YouTube comments about that show:

I signed up to SaidIt immediately.

I've been considering (half assed looking) for a community, especially one with trutherism and voting/forum functionality. I signed up with Reddit and Voat when they first came out but never used them. Forgive me if I don't understand the culture yet. I try to contribute and/or fight the censorship on Wikipedia. They've got me pinned in there with their rigged rules. I was even banned for one year for being "another polite truther". That's when I was introduced to the mostly alt-right InfoGalactic encyclopedia, where truthers and even lefties can be free. I'm a progressive Green Party/Pirate Party/Internet Party supporter, atheist, voluntaryist, truther, historical revisionist, and conspirophile.

Me: (There's a lot to explore there in the collapsed sections, though much of it is out of date, unfinished, and needs improvement. Also, if there's a good truther wiki out there, I'd move there in a heartbeat.)

There's no community to speak of on IG, not even alt-right.

Also, I'm a professional animator. I'm working on a couple projects that could benefit from a strong community with voting. There are extreme pros and cons to sketchy Steemit and I have several concerns about it. Of many things on the cons side, it's not remotely as open as it could be or as most people think.

Before I fully commit to SaidIt I'd like to know about: a) the future of SaidIt (ie roadmap, alt tech, plans, fall backs, backups, etc) b) if SaidIt will consider embracing IPFS/Filecoin with ZeroNet and/or other decentralized web alternatives and legit cryptos. c) is this where the Tin Foil Hat research group hangs out? I'm not sure I have time to commit, but maybe, if it looks good.

Please please please let me know, and/or point me to where I can seek more info.

I know this probably isn't the best way to introduce myself, pitch these queries, or format my contribution. This is my first post. Please educate me kindly. I'll catch on and I'll definitely stay if I'm attracted to it.

Thanks for being here. ~ Jason

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Holy shit the backstory of magnora7's username. Was this anticlimactic for anyone else? It's like R.E.M. all over again.

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He just kind of sprung that part on me, I didn't know he wanted to talk about that. It's cool imo that the 7 is from my previous 6 magnora accounts getting banned by reddit admins. Kind of wish I had mentioned that on the podcast but the question caught me by surprise.

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the 7 is from my previous 6 magnora accounts getting banned by reddit admins

oh, way cool. The 7th time is the charm I guess, where you just start a new reddit instead.

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Haha exactly. I used to get in fights with the JIDF... they took my sub I made...

I noticed if I would poke a JIDF person the wrong way, the reddit admins would suddenly notice benign rule violations I had committed years ago and shadowban me from reddit site-wide.

It was messy. Now I don't engage directly with those people anymore, because they're literally not worth my time.

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So it's basically confirmed that reddit admins work with the JIDF to help things disappear from reddit? I guess that's been suspected or known for some time, I'm just shocked to see their actual banner/logo on reddit. If you ever get bored I'm sure this would be a great story to read about.

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As far as I'm concerned it is proven. They at least turn a blind eye to what the JIDF is doing. I'm not sure the exact reason why, but that's what seems to be happening.

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What is JIDF?

I guess I've got a lot of reading to do about "Reddit"-type terms and community stuff. (Pointers welcome.)

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Thanks. I should have looked that up. I wouldn't know a JIDF or Mossad if I bumped into one. The nightmare just got worse.

Honestly I think Truthers should form a tax-free religion based on skepticism with a political party, lobbyists, media empire, and a Truther Online Tolerance Society = TOTS. It all starts here on SaidIt.

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I had no idea you had been repeatedly banned on Reddit, wtf? That's just nuts.

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Yeah and for something I did 6 months prior. All because I pissed off the wrong person, who was a troll. It totally changed how I viewed reddit. That's when I knew someone had to make saidit.

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Next time mention it. It's important to shout about the rampant censorship, even if it gets tedious. But when people get apathetic about it then we've got problems, so maybe not.