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These are great points.

It's a challenge to ignore all of the bullshit.

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It really is a challenge. Our attention is very "sticky", but properly directing our attention is a skill worth mastering.

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Attention is almost literally everything. This is an insightful point many people gloss over far too often and far too quickly. Most people also don’t do enough work to expand the capacity of their attention. Everyone can foster their ability to “pay” attention but few actively work toward this.

One quibble. Ignoring something is not the same as not giving it attention. If you have developed a deep sense of your attention you will be able to feel when you are being actively “ignored” versus when someone is simply not paying you any attention. “Ignoring” is actually an active subset of paying attention. While in the public sphere it is certainly preferable to giving full attention, on the energetic level, ignoring is still feeding the beast and one must advance fully beyond giving any level attention, which includes actively ignoring.

Complex, I know. The Buddhists explain it more deeply, especially in Vajrayana.

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I agree, that's a subtle but useful point. But you also have to "fake it till you make it". First we have to stop spending time hating stuff that should be ignored. This is an active process at first. But later we eventually begin ignoring it automatically, without it having to be a forceful thing. But we have to practice first, and practice is often a forceful thing at first and then becomes more and more natural, be it with ignoring stuff or playing baseball. So I think what you talk about is a great end-goal, but there is the intermediary stage of actively practicing ignoring things you'd otherwise engage in, and I think you have to practice the middle stage to get to the end goal.

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Never fake it.

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Yes, I'd say what u/magnora7 meant by "ignoring" here was in fact relaxing as the inherent nature of the [description.]

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That's a good point.

From my understanding, "ignoring" is active. "Relaxing" is opposite of that.

This is why all people should understand more Wittgenstein. We often fail at language games.

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That is a great point.

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Nice stuff. You are 100% correct. I came to a similar realization a few weeks ago and unsubscribed to all the negative podcasts (nasty people on them) and re-evaluated my website rotation. Twitter among the worst of them.

Garbage in, garbage out.

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Good for you. Our time is valuable and we should treat it as such.

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Nice post.

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Yes! They'll force your attention into a tiny self-serving Overton window if you let them.

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As philosophy, these ideas work very well and are admirable. I'm happy to agree to that point.

In terms of modern experience I think to ignore, or not pay attention, to an unfortunately growing number of topics only leaves psychopath malefactors free to act without scrutiny- or to put it another way, the bastards can get away with anything at all if we don't keep an eye on them.

I feel responsibility to try to keep informed about some things; it would be so unfair if no one even knew what those schemers are up to.

To recap: it would be great to be like that, if I could live with myself.

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My understanding of what u/magnora7 is saying is that one should refrain from focusing one's energy on hating/disliking a person place or thing. (My own take on "ignoring" the hate is that you rest with it as it is, neither avoiding, indulging nor neutralizing it.) Instead, harnessing the power that is the essence of hate (or any other descriptor) --raw energy--and focusing that potent energy on solutions.

In other words, don't get caught in an energy-draining eddy of psycho-emotional material--use that momentum for imagining, exploring, implementing solutions for the benefit of all.

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I agree, onself cannot ignore the idiocracy, and craziness as you stated. To do so, maybe the indicator to have the NPC's point, and scream loudly so as to enunciate to the other NPC's that there's a 'thinker' around; you gotta know how to move in order to run silent.

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Welcome to being an individual idealist; it's good food for one's soul, and personal growth in co-creating. At some point though, you realize that the world's issues aren't able to be solved; it's akin to straitening curly cued tails of a dog, or pig.... Straighten it out the best you can, and it'll still curl back.

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Kind of, you see it as idealism, but I see what you say as defeatism. Things won't ever be perfect, but that doesn't mean we're helpless either. There's lots of shades of gray in between where progress can be made.

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Kind of, you see it as idealism, but I see what you say as defeatism. Things won't ever be perfect, but that doesn't mean we're helpless either. There's lots of shades of gray in between where progress can be made.

Meh, I was just being kind, and attempting to participate. I don't see anything I said as being 'defeatism', but interesting you'd see it like that.

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I enjoy the conversation and your contributions. Thank you.

I agree some problems are too big to solve in one lifetime, regardless of the level of dedication. However that just means that the task then becomes finding problems that are small enough to be actually solved. Not to just go "eh why bother" which I see as defeatism, you know what I mean?

Not trying to argue, I think it's just an interesting point because I've had these very same thoughts before.

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I agree some problems are too big to solve in one lifetime, regardless of the level of dedication. However that just means that the task then becomes finding problems that are small enough to be actually solved. Not to just go "eh why bother" which I see as defeatism, you know what I mean?

What one sees as a problem, often times is someone else's idea of a solution. What you see as up, another sees as down, or vice versa. The concept of 'all roads to hell are paved with good intentions', really is embodied in this light.

I offer advice here, or there, I used to do quite a bit more, but I realized other folks are on their own journeys; whether they realize that, or not; people will do what people will do.

Overall, I really liked what you wrote, it's good food for thought, and it's just like that other saying, 'you can lead a horse to water(suggestion), but you cannot make them drink(self-determination). What I wrote was apparently a failed attempt at outlining that sentiment; as it's necessary for a degree of sanity when the world keeps doing insane things.

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Hey well said, and I agree. However there are some scenarios that are just flat-out better than others, for nearly everyone. Like having food vs not having food. Having enough clothes. Covering the basics. Having a clear peaceful mind vs a chaotic one, and having a culture that helps make that easier. We can work towards making things better, but I agree there is a lot of "the road to hell is paved with good intentions." going on in this world so we must act very carefully and thoughtfully. But I think over-reaching is just as bad as under-reaching, so to speak. It's all a delicate balance, and I don't blame anyone who is trying their best to do (or not do) whatever is necessary to improve things. But some improvements are genuinely better than others, it's not all smoke and mirrors. But finding those things is tough.

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well thought out, and put.

I'm reading an Indian guy from over 120 years ago. His view of the world overall then, is so close to what we're living now. I don't agree with everything he has to say, as some of it supports the idea of embracing the caste system(some ways it works, other ways I can see as limiting) oneself is born into, but overall, it's some good food for thought on how, and why to do xyz.

Haven't finished reading it all, but here:

And for complete disclosure, I got the link from Les Visible; don't always agree with his thoughts, and then at times I do.

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Thanks for the link, I appreciate it! I'm always looking for new reading material

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Things could be perfect though if we can get the brain chip. When man becomes machine, nothing can stop us. We can live as immortals in a Utopian society of Fabian Socialist communitarianism. We will be like Gods. /s

Getting rid of the predatory creditor class would be a good start.

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I like the phrase "predatory class". That's pretty accurate

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Your attention is your chief magickal ability. Its focus can be used for all potential. It should be guarded with the highest discipline.

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Yes! I believe the whole glowing rectangle culture is designed to relieve us of the knowledge and abilities of this power.

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    Aww c'mon, Snow, don't be silly, he would never do that. Some of us do not care about useless internet "points".

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      This snowjob shillery bullshit...

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      NPC sock puppets refuse to up-vote your comments? Are they waiting for you to come out of the incel closet?

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        This is life-changing. Thank you.

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        I am so glad you found value in it. I wish everyone could understand this message as you just have.

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        True. Go your own way. Not just with women but with everything.

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        I remember watching a YouTube video which did a good job covering this topic a couple of years ago. It's a good thing to keep in mind.

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        Wise words.

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        ATTENTION and DISIPLINE. I believe the latter is just as important, if not more so. Good post.

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        I would say discipline is just well-guided attention. Thanks :)