THE GRATEFUL POODLE, by Mark Twain. One day a benevolent physician (who had read the books) having found a stray poodle suffering from a broken leg, conveyed the poor creature to his home, and after setting and bandaging the injured limb gave the little outcast its liberty again, and by Chipit in literature

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In my country, Poland, Mark Twain is know almost exclusively as author books for childrens (Tom Sawyer, The Prince and the Pauper). Most people are not aware that most of his works are for adults and have stron religious/philosphical themes.

Fact, Fiction, and Frankenstein's Monster (16:53) ~ The History Guy: History Deserves to Be Remembered by JasonCarswell in literature

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Bela called him a limey cock sucker.

Daughter Reveals The Real 1950s Icon Neal Cassady - On The Road Model Characher (32:57) ~ David Hoffman by JasonCarswell in literature

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This is the first time I've ever seen him in video.

I read her biographic book (meh), his biographic book (boring) (1/3 of his life, he never did live to finish the other two parts), Dharma Bums, On The Road, and other Kerouac books, Electric Kook-aide Acid Test, and countless other books on Neal Cassady, the beatniks, and hippies.

Even back then, I've always wondered of the MILLIONS of people out there, why this small circle of "free-thinking" authors were propped up and celebrated. Now I realize it was all nepotism, Jewish/military connections, and manipulated social engineering.

Five Great Tom Bombadil Theories | Tolkien Theory (22:20) ~ Nerd of the Rings by JasonCarswell in literature

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Definitely one of the most interesting characters

Five Great Tom Bombadil Theories | Tolkien Theory (22:20) ~ Nerd of the Rings by JasonCarswell in literature

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