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Also this is interesting, I'd love to jailbreak my Alexa.

Maybe make it easier to dick around with it and make it somehow make it play audio from spotify or something by default instead of having to state it every time. It get's annoying to have to state "Play ____, FROM SPOTIFY" just because they make it always try to play from Amazon Music by default which they made separate from Amazon Prime awhile ago which made me not wanna deal with paying for ANOTHER amazon service.

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I'd Point out that the Sidebar says iOS Jailbreak but then I remembered that I forgot to change that.

Until this sub becomes large enough this sub will encompass any and all Jailbreaking. I will update the Sidebar to reflect as much.

TL;DR this post is allowed as this is a general Jailbreaking sub, not just iOS.

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There already is a But it's blocked for some reason. "This sub will be reopened once this part of the community is large enough to warrant it." It will never grow unless it's allowed to grow, that's for sure.

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I know I am having those ones redirect here until their communities grow enough to warrant having individual subs for each smaller topic.

Edit: More thorough description of my Motives for those who care

I made a lot of more specific jailbreaking subs. Until their presence grows on s/Jailbreak enough to warrant a separate sub all of those communities are to post here. I made the others redirect here so that I can gauge the reaction here. Once the community for say iOS Jailbreaking grows to a high enough amount they will be moved into their own sub (s/iOSJailbreaking)