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Nick is a slimy limited hangout opportunistic poser.

He should have dumped Bernie after 2016 and he should have helped the Green Party instead of making yet another fucking party.

Now he's imitating Jimmy by screaming.


Further, both he and Jimmy are still promoting the delusion that the system can even be attacked (or even won) utilizing the rigged system and rigged rules that the corrupt ruling class wrote.

"If voting were effective they'd make it illegal."


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    Four years and perpetual propaganda is enough for most to forget whatever lessons were learned. Half of everyone is stupider than average, and most the rest are very close to average.

    But they did. The courts wouldn't even look at the electoral fraud cases. First step to making voting illegal. Welcome to the United States Of Commerica.

    The establishment will never consider all options. That's why we must.

    Every time populists come close to power the ruling class has their puppets change the rules.

    They control the rules, the government, the banks, and the media. Any popular "fringe" movements will be stomped on by any and all means necessary by the mafia state. Meanwhile most of us agree that violence is not the answer (and will bring down more violence upon us from those with the monopoly on it). At worst they loose their legitimacy - but that doesn't mean they'll loose their powers and monopolies.

    The establishment has full spectrum dominance. There is no way out, other than building new decentralized sustainable alternative resistance systems within their limits.

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      Sounds like the plot to the second Wreck It Ralph movie where they discover the Interwebz.

      Not just try another, as many others as possible. Decentralize all things.

      They're trying to squeeze mud in their fist.