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Did you ever stop to consider that perhaps as per your (original) advice, I tried to take more time adding more substance to my posts, rather than rely solely on the editorialized titling?

That's a central point in my argument against your statement that you only have time to comment in the post title. So yes.

Also, it's commendable that you choose to put several paragraphs of comment in the comment thread instead of the post title.

"hippocrate" (it's hypocrite)

Yes, thank you. Multilingual keyboards sometimes mess up and since I'm not even an ESL speaker and in large part self taught I often get it wrong.

You simply want to derail my threads and sling mud because you don't like my opinion and/or writing style.

No, I didn't like your title commenting (editorializing is changing the title itself, not appending an opinion I believe), I've never commented on your opinions or writing style in this context AFAIR. Me calling you out is because you've given me a reason for the way you do it and I didn't protest. But then you show that the previous reason was untrue. THEN I protest.

I also realized I don't need to rationalize my titles to you - nor do I need to have any kind of set-in-stone rules for how I do it.

That's true. The dangers of being free and doing what you want is that it might go against others interest. In this case, beyond my personal feels, is that I think it makes certain Saidit posts look infantile for new visitors.

Otherwise I'll have to request you stop this.

How about a deal, you stop doing what I don't like and I'll stop doing what you don't like?

If you can't handle that, I'll just block you. How's that?

That's what you've asked me to do with content I don't agree with, so it seems perfectly fair to me.

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Okay then, problem solved.

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