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Ironically the local citizenry blamed government forces rather than the extremists for the civilian deaths.

Not what would happen in the real world now.

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we live in a very different, indoctrinated, brainwashed world today

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/me weeps

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Yes, mostly due to social media and low effort memes.

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Well, it's all about demoralization over generations. That way emotions outweigh facts and the lies become truth. The idea is not confiscation NOW, but a slow progression of brainwashing on the younger generations. It will happen, confiscation, but not now.

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haha, just what i wrote before reading your comment. well almost. i agree

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I'm not so sure. Look what recently happened in Oregon Nevada.
The public rallied to their defense.

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please explain in your own words

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Umm.. I have to acknowledge that my statement was a bit open ended.

Also, it was Nevada... :-/.

Rancher Cliven Bundy's son says militia saved his life

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Stalin and many countries imposed gun control. Many dictators have done this. Hitler, did in fact, make it hard for Jews to get guns, but for ethnic Germans, the national socialists revoked many of the gun-control laws passed during the Wiemar Republic. I think the totalitarian agenda, is much mroe than just confiscation. We are heading towards totalitarian and yet, we have more guns than people.

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i dont want to sound too dark, but maybe we are expected, being primed, to do the dirty work for the elites eventually, using those guns. or it will be just increasingly difficult to own guns legally anyway..

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We are, Obama was the greatest Salesman for firearms, bar none. They, the UN has planned confiscation but they know nobody will abide to these measures. They've been writing full volumes of disarmament books since the early 1960's. The script 30 years from now has already been written by the internationalists, and our band-aided economy can only last so long before it implodes. If I was an elite, I'd do everything in my power to prevent citizens from getting more guns, but that sort of seems to be the opposite outcome from many of these shootings, that and dissident and totalitarian surveillance laws. The UN wants complete disarmament in the US for implementation of a brave new world, or the faux-utopia they hope to create. There are lots of agendas and entities pushing to reshape the UN which will, indeed impact the outcome of the end goal.

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If you are someone who loves the US government, you would presumably support guns due to this, since they were needed to found that government in the first place.

If you hate it (and live in the US), you presumably support revolution, and therefore, support guns.

Check (as in chess) for people who oppose guns? I would say so. Of course, there are other perspectives though; for example, one who dislikes the way the government works, but thinks voting will also work despite evidence to the contrary.

I don't think the revolutionaries of the American Revolution were exactly right-wing; they supported change from the status-quo, therefore, in the context of the time, I would say they were more left-wing, or at least libertarian.