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Since stone can't be carbon-dated, how can it be said the moai are 800 years old?

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Precisely - and how does an 800 year old date work with the fact that Rongo Rongo of Easter Island matches Indus Valley text from at least 4000 years ago

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The wooden tablet that matches up with text from Mohenjo-Daro area writing? I believe after abandoning that city, some of them went east and much later (~1100 AD) built Angkor Wat in Cambodia, then to the coast of Vietnam where there are similar, but smaller structures. But what drove them to take off across the Pacific to one of the most isolated places in the world? You're a hard worker.

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There were a number of disasters in the Oceania area - Toba 74,000 BC, Lake Mungo ~40,000 - but truthfully - I feel the Hindu number of 3104BC has a high chance of pointing to a comet impact in the Indian Ocean (since we're pretty sure the Earth is not only 5000 years old - however a cataclysm could certainly make it FEEL that way to people at the time) - also related to the end of the Second Tamil Sangam (which began and ended, with great civilizations being washed away - the first by erosion (due to the melting Icesheets from the North America/Greenland impact of 10800BC as per Graham Hancock), the second by a wave (the local impact)) and talked about in the Vedic texts as the flood of Manu.

The discovery of Dwarka underwater and the Indus ruins, alongside genetic lineage studies seem to discredit the aryan invasion theory and legitimize the ancient legends.

I wholeheartedly think you may be correct - unless we discover evidence that Angkor or Nan Madol are more ancient than the Indus people that is.

Edit: and thanks for the compliment, I (usually) try my best!

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I'm reading Hancock backwards: first Magicians of the Gods and now finishing Fingerprints OtG. I guess you have read him on Gobekli Tepe being a warning that the comet is coming around again. If roughly 200 cultures around the world all have flood myths, we can be pretty sure there was at least one flood and Hancock explains it well. I'm going to check your links now. You really know your stuff and it's a pleasure to meet you. There is a user here named Younger Dryas, so I think he on the same page. Thanks.

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Is there really? YoungerDryas, you out there?

Pleasure to meet you too Hennaojisan! Yes we can be pretty much assured at this point that there was as you said, at least one flood - some of the work I did and some of the work done by a youtuber I talk to often - points to possibly FIVE different cataclysms between 10,800 BCE and ~3000 BC.

Feel free to shoot me a line here or on my sub s/youngerdryas if you ever want to ask some questions or share some cool info! Always down for gathering new info!

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I will. Maybe I got the sub and the username mixed up since I didn't know you had a sub of that name. Five different cataclysms. Amazing. I'll be there.