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And some variant of this probably continues to this day... Anyone remember Hillary Clinton defending the trial of that woman who abducted 33 children from Haiti?

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Absolutely. It still exists, and in far worse permutations than this old hag ever even dreamed of.

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Child trafficking with a different face--but no less horrid, no less corrupt, and no less "connected." Finely tuned networks of corrupt judges, cops, mayors, doctors etc is how these wicked selfish slimeballs keep going without any comeuppance.

What's the word or phrase for the phenomenon of naming a thing the opposite of its purpose? Like here, "Children's Home Society" was really "Stealing Children From Homes Society". All these traffickers and wheelerdealers do this..setting up a front for their evildoings that draws in and dupes the well-meaning. So over it.

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phenomenon of naming a thing the opposite of its purpose?


It does seem to work like you say. And I have heard some bad things about "Child Protective Services" and what parts of it might really be.

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So many dark rackets ongoing. Who are we as a culture? A species?

ETA: there was a woman who uncovered horrible scams like this where CPS would steal children. They went after her big time. She eventually did speaking tours about it. I'll have to see if I can find her again Nancy Shaeffer. SHe was murdered for her efforts:

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Oh blatantly racist and biased article; we know 'black' has always been the raging desire, and no one ever wanted white babies, white girls, or white boys.... It's preposterous to think so.... ;-P