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    He literally named himself after GeorgeCarlin, don't expect anything but the lowest IQ nonsense from this schizophrenic moron.

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    You can't even decide (and are lightyears away from actually judging on) what schizophrenia and what pseudo-hallucinations actually are. There are differences in those. But this may break your simulation core and this maybe very hard for you to accept, i suppose.

    Because the "knowledge" you pseudo-simulate to "judge" from is about as shallow and transparent as some plastic foil i can buy for less than 99 cents.

    That is why you have to believe in nonetheless totally nonsensical numbers like IQ-"scores".

    Perhaps you simulate being the "most equal" under all your sheeple peers "quite successfully" for them, ain't you ? Or you even "own" a piece of toilet paper saying so, who knows.

    And fyi: I didn't "name" myself. I simulated to do so and the machine deciding this accepted it. But this doesn't imply my simulation stopped.

    I pity you... a litte bit at least.

    Now: You can be happily ignorant again spreading your personal flavor of bullshit, like i simulate to do, too.

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    Is this retard a bot? lol

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    You live in your simulation... I live in mine...

    The difference between us two is:

    I can handle the cognitive dissonance between them without pathetically trying to guild-shame (and so project) (self [?]-)hate onto others.

    You can tell me anything. But you simply don't get to decide what i do or think or feel. Just respect this simple fact for your future simulation endeavors.

    We both don't want me changing my naturally violet aura into a pitch black one delightfully dissecting you. Trust me.

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      Cognitive Dissonance is striking your feelings really hard today, ain't it?

      How about some serenity instead of this shitshow you can't "win", no matter how "hard" you pathetically try to?

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      Says who?

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      You can understand the intent of the statement though, right? The simulation as the context for the reality your consciousness resides in and the associated apparent rules.

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      If this were our own simulations mine would be a lot different.

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      "Socialism is, broadly speaking, a political and economic system in which property and the means of production are owned in common, typically controlled by the state or government." Yeah, they were socialist. Many socialists get butthurt about that. Tough shit.

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      Hitler was of the left then and the left is as Naziesque now as they have ever been. Chopping up the genitals of children is something the Nazis did. Not only that, they literally took our money and gave it to literal Nazis in Eastern Europe so they can terrorize Asians.

      Anybody who isn’t a hard-core right winger at this point is a sociopath. You live in the United States and you didn’t vote for Donald Trump, then you have the blood of innocents on your hands.

      National Socialism is socialism.

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        They continued it under Dr. Mengele. They only killed the Jews because they wanted to hog all the credit for themselves for something that never should’ve been created in the first place.

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        Donald Trump, who is a kind of neo-fascist,

        just one line of a completely moronic wall of text

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        If Donald Trump is a “fascist,“ then freedom really is just another word for nothing left to lose.

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        The Nazis wanted to conquer Russia and kill Jews. They did not have an econonomic philosophy. Whatever worked for the conquering and killing was fine by them.

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        I agree.

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        I'm sorry your mom wouldn't buy you a new graphics card. Maybe you should clean the gutters like she asked.

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        This is by far some of the dumbest shit I ever read.

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        So you do read ? I thought otherwise...

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        Absolute state control, they were socialist, it's pretty clear. Communist China engages with the world market, it doesn't detract from their being Communist.

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        Repeat after me: National Socialism is Socialism. That is an irrefutable fact and anybody who denies it is themselves a communist, plain and simple. Nazis increased state control over private sector. That is Socialism. That is an irrefutable fact. The Nazis allied with Joseph Stalin during the Molotov Ribbentrop pact. That is the purest form of Socialism that ever was or ever will be. That is also an irrefutable fact. Nazis supported tr-ns rights. Dr. Mengele himself performed sex changes. That is Socialism. That is an irrefutable fact.

        Repeat after me: National Socialism is Socialism

        And George Carlin was a shill and he was actually part of this big club that “you ain’t in.”

        Repeat after me: National Socialism is Socialism

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        The way you ask people to repeat after you reminds me of those posts you used to always see on /r/tumblrinaction. The only thing you are missing is a clap emoji between every word.

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        He was already lost for me when he cited youtube because he hallucinated i had anything to do with the name i simulate to use...

        Lost... another lost sheeple... sadly...

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        A good idea since it actually fucking works.

        REPEAT. 👏 AFTER. 👏 ME:


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        Clearly people are clueless and or unaware of what went on (1930)1945) Germany so I'm just going to let misinformed uneducated people have there way.

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        Hitler's Nazis or the new Ukrainian ones?

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        That is an interesting question.

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        Tik will help in your enlightenment. Watch and learn.