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At some point, you have to let people, including those you love, live their lives. I'm not saying to walk away or cut her off, but you can be there if she really needs you and offer suggestions for her to improve her situation and still keep that emotional distance needed for your mental health. As you get older, you'll be able to navigate these relationships better as you learn what you're looking at. Some of our personalities come from our upbringing and experiences, so how your mother sees and handles the world are different from what you and others see. She may feel the need to keep others aware of her bad feelings while not letting her life improve. Keep yourself healthy and you will be able to help those around you when they really need you.

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You give good advice.

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Thank you. I'm a little older than the average user here which usually comes with a little more life experience. It is also easier to give advice to others than to see my own life clearly enough to always make the correct choices I should. Always try to improve, even daily.

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This is good advise.

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I got tired of being my mothers whipping boy and scapegoat and I haven’t spoken to her in eight years. I’m much happier without her.

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Yeah, fuck that cunt!

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Women are less happy than men. It's hormonal, you can't fix it. And yes, many are very happy being unhappy. This is because they are also risk adverse. If you are happy you have to worry about screwing it up.

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Actually it's proven that women are much happier than men. Testosterone turns all feelings into gloom. You wouldn't believe how different the world looks, and it isn't a good change. And some women have a gene that makes them extra happy, which cannot be activated in men for some reason.

Women are diagnosed with mood disorders more often, but only because society cares about them more. Men commit suicide 4x more often. Incels are so miserable because for most men the only thing they can look forward to is a sexual relationship, because it's the only pleasure nature really allows men to experience. And even then a lot more weakly than women.

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What's the name of this gene?

Also, the mood disorders are most likely because they get a pass for their emotions since they are pretty emotional from very young age, having to do with their periods and stuff.

All in all I think that makes it completely fair xD

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It doesn't have a name other than "the happy gene". It's newly discovered. But it only works for women. I believe male biology intentionally suppresses all positive experiences to make men better at certain tasks. It's definitely not fair.

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The only unfair thing between both genders is the lack of a male pill.

Otherwise, I would say both genders are more balanced than not. They get the short end of the stick in different areas.

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It's 1984 that they exist in the first place.

Also there kinda is a male pill. There's no female pill, actually there is but it doesn't work much. And not everyone wants to be male either.

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bro wtf xD

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What's the problem?

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Some people just need to vent too much, and your Mom sounds like one of those people.

I'm sorry you're having a bad Christmas. Is it just you and your mom in the house? Could you get out for a walk, or just put some headphones on and drown her out for a while?

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No, I live with my grandparents. And I've tried to put headphones on but I can't help myself overhearing my family. I only said this because I just want to help her. I can just get very angry. She doesn't vent THAT much but I think she only vents to me because she doesn't want to hear herself talk. Whenever she DOES vent to me, I always think of the most violent way to solve her problems, but whenever I mention these to her, she tells me that I shouldn't talk about it. I feels like whenever we have a conversation, I don't feel like I have a say. I mean, I'm just trying to be honest.

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Does she have an adult she can talk to? You sound like you might be a minor.

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She doesn't have an adult to talk to. And yes, I AM a minor; thx 4 asking.

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It's kind of not appropriate for her to treat you like her therapist, then. I hear you. Try to tune her out, listen without listening (let her talk, but force yourself not to process any of it), and let her know you need breaks every now and then to do your own thing, and listen to some music.

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You're welcome. The words "yeah", "uh-huh", and "wow" are your friends. Just mumble one every few minutes so that she feels heard, and you don't go mad trying to process everything she's saying.

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Some people just like being miserable, and you can't fix them.

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    Tom Hanks is literally me.